Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nickelodeon UK's, Nicktoons and Nick Jr. Channel's September 2011 Highlights

According to the Sky Media website, here are Nickelodeon UK's, Nicktoons and Nick Jr. Channel's highlights for September 2011:
Supah Ninjas (New Show)
Starts Monday 12 September, 18.00

Supah Ninjas, which is comic-book in tone and cinematic in style, follows three unsuspecting kids who are drafted into the secret world of ninjas.

Olive the Ostrich (New Show)
Nick Jr
Starts Monday 5 September, 18.30

Olive is an Ostrich with a brilliant imagination. Whilst the rest of her family are running, pecking and laying eggs, Olive can be found imagining herself going on amazing adventures. Olive finds imagining the easiest when she buries her head down, down in the sand. The animation incorporates actual children's drawings from U.K. schools.

Winx Movie (New Show)
Starts Sunday 11 September, 11.00

Winx Club is an animated action and fantasy series set in the mystical dimension of Magix where three schools educate modern fairies, witches and supernatural warriors from all over the universe. Bloom, a young fairy in training from Earth, and five of her schoolmates form the Winx Club to combat their arch enemies.

Premiere Week: Planet Sheen
Starts Monday 12 September, 17.30

Planet Sheen is the intergalactic tale of Sheen, the hyperactive, attention span-challenged kid from Nickelodeon's hit Jimmy Neutron, who, after accidentally "borrowing" a rocket, crash lands on Zeenu. Inhabiting this planet in a world of limited technolor.

Also, Nickelodeon UK has announced on their official Twitter page (@NickelodeonUK) that Nickelodeon UK will premiere a brand new episode of iCarly called "iHire an Idiot" on Monday 12th September 2011 at 5.30pm.
iCarly iHire an Idiot is coming Monday 12th September at 5.30pm! Before awaesome brand new show Supah Ninjas at 6pm!

Also from Nickelodeon UK on their official Twitter page:
New iCarly IS coming! iHire an Idiot is Mon 12th Sept at 5.30pm. iCarly crew hold interviews for an intern… cant wait to see who they pick!

According to Sky's on-screen TV Guide, Nickelodeon UK and Ireland will be showing a preview episode of the brand new live action Nickelodeon show "Supah Ninjas" on Sunday 4th September 2011 at 6.30pm.

From Sky's electronic program guide/EPG:
6.30pm Supah Ninjas

Get a sneak peek at Nick's brand new show, as three unsuspecting kids are drafted into the secret world of ninjas! Also in HD.

Nickelodeon UK have also announced on their official Twitter page (@NickelodeonUK) that Nickelodeon UK And Ireland will be repeating the Nickelodeon Original Movie "Best Player" on Saturday 19th September 2011 at 7.00pm.

Also, according to Nickelodeon UK's promotion which is currently airing for the upcoming brand new NickToon "T.U.F.F. Puppy", after the sneak peek of "T.U.F.F. Puppy" which Nickelodeon UK aired Monday 29th August 2011, Nickelodeon UK will premiere the full series of "T.U.F.F. Puppy" on Monday 19th September 2011.

Below are two streaming videos which feature Nickelodeon UK's trailers for September On Nickelodeon UK And Ireland:

Nickelodeon Image 60, Allan Blatch from Allan Blatch on Vimeo.

According to Nick Jr. Channel UK's official "Dora the Explorer" website, Nick Jr. Channel UK And Ireland will premiere the brand new "Dora the Explorer" TV special "Dora's Ballet Adventure" on Friday 30th September 2011 at 4pm.

You can watch a special preview of the brand new "Dora the Explorer" television special "Dora's Ballet Adventure" here on the official Nick Jr. Channel UK website.

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