Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nick Jr. Channel UK To Start To Premiere The "Dora the Explorer King Unicornio Trilogy" From 9th November 2011

According to the official Sky Media website, Nickelodeon UK will start to premier and show the brand new "Dora the Explorer" three-part special, "Dora the Explorer King Unicornio Trilogy" (also known as "Dora's Enchanted Forest Adventure"), on Nick Jr. Channel UK from Wednesday 9th November 2011 at 4.00pm:
Dora King Unicornio Trilogy
Nick Jr
Wednesday 9 November, 16.00

Dora and Boots are in their flower-filled spring forest with their friend, Unicornio, when suddenly a little rabbit pops out of a secret door hidden in the shrubs. All of the forest animals have chosen Unicornio as the King of the Enchanted Forest -- because he's kind, smart, brave and strong! There's just one problem: Unicornio's unsure and doesn't think he's any of those things! Dora and Boots will show Unicornio that he can be King as they travel to the Castle!
Also, posted by Nick Jr. UK on their official Twitter profile page (@NickJrUK):
We have an exciting week coming up on Nick Jr. Don't miss the 3-part special, Dora's Enchanted Forest Adventures starting on Tuesday.
Nick Jr. is gearing up for Dora's Enchanted Forest Adventures, so why not play our brand new game!
Also, Tweeted by Nick Jr. Channel UK and Ireland on their official Twitter profile page (@NickJrUK):
Play Dora's Enchanted Forest Adventures and help Dora collect all of King Unicornio's stickers on the #NickJrUK website