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Nickelodeon Very Close To Wrapping The Filming Of "House Of Anubis Season 2"

UPDATE - Posted by Nickelodeon UK's Director of Original Production, David Kangas, on his official Twitter profile page (@kangas911):
So thats a wrap for season 2 Mr D, is that the end of the show or a possible another season [House Of Anubis Season 3/Season 3 Of House Of Anubis]?
@kangas911 - who can say. Let's see what season 2 brings. Enjoy!!
Nickelodeon UK's Director of Original Production, David Kangas, has posted (Tweeted) on his official Twitter profile page (@kangas911) that Nickelodeon Productions is in the final stages and very near to wrapping the filming of the brand new episodes of the second season of "House of Anubis":
Off to God's country again to cover the last filming days of HOA2 for a certain @nathalia73 [Nathalia Ramos/Nina Martin] - 6.36am Wednesday 4th January 2012
@Jade_Ramsey (Jade Ramsey/Patricia Williamson) - @kangas911 YAY YOUR BACK!!!!!! and i may have made @nathalia73 [Nathalia Ramos/Nina Martin] an amazing cake for her last day eh eh..get excited!!!!! its delicious - 7.15am Wednesday 4th January 2012
@Jade_Ramsey @nathalia73 hit me up Jade, I'm on my way to studio and in need of your CAKE!! - 10.14am Wednesday 4th January 2012

That's a wrap for @nathalia73 [Nathalia Ramos/Nina Martin] season 2!! Great job, well done you!! xXx - 3.39pm Wednesday 4th January 2012
@annawilliamsTV [Nickelodeon UK Presenter Anna Williamson] - @kangas911 @nathalia73 can't wait to watch!! - 4.25pm Wednesday 4th January 2012
About to do House of Anubis season 2 VO session [voice over session] with the delightful @JulieAlexandria [Julie Alexandria]. Yey! - 4.16pm Thursday 5th January 2012

Just finished another House of Anubis VO session with the delightful @JulieAlexandria. Boy that girl is good! Nailed it every time! A joy! - 4.13pm Wednesday 18th January 2012
@JulieAlexandria - Brilliant!!! (I can't say that word w/o [without] using a british accent) Thx for the session 2day- pleasure as always! How was the Tea? - 4.25pm Wednesday 18th January 2012
Tea was fab! Made all the better with a great session and my Beatles mug!! - 10.11pm Wednesday 18th January 2012

Another day another fab House of Anubis Season 2 VO with the very accomplished Julie Alexandria. - 2.26pm Thursday 2nd February 2012
Also, posted by Nickelodeon Star Nathalia Ramos, who plays the character Nina Martin on "House of Anubis", on her official Twitter profile page (@nathalia73):
So excited for @Jade_Ramsey to get to set today. HURRY!!!!! - 7.35am Wednesday 4th January 2012

Wow, can't believe I just wrapped on Anubis! Feeling very bittersweet. It's been one wild ride. I'll miss you all!! - 4.40pm Wednesday 4th January 2012

But on the brightside....who's tuning in to the season premiere on Monday?!? - 4.41pm Wednesday 4th January 2012
Also, posted by Nickelodeon Star Jade Ramsey, who portrays the character Patricia Williamson on "House of Anubis", on her official Twitter profile page (@Jade_Ramsey):
@nathalia73 and the cake I made for her [Nathalia Ramos] last day!!!!! It's bigger than her!!!! :) - 11.24am Wednesday 4th January 2012

[...] we all finish next week she [Nathalia Ramos] just has school so finishes her scenes a couple days early!!! [...] - 12.38pm Wednesday 4th January 2012
Most fans want to know why today is @nathalia73's [Nathalia Ramos] last day. - 1.34pm Wednesday 4th January 2012
cos she has school so we all finish next week filming but she finishes a bit early to go bk to LA! - 2.00pm Wednesday 4th January 2012
Also, posted by Nickelodeon UK Researcher Adam John Parker (also known as Adam J Parker and who is also a resident of Nickelodeon Towers in London) on his official Twitter profile page (@adamjohnparker):
Just finished voice over for #houseofanubis promos [House Of Anubis commercials] with @JulieAlexandria [Julie Alexandria] ... Was like icecream for the ears! Season 2 very close now!
Big congratulations to @JulieAlexandria's record breaking success in saying the name "Robert Frobisher-Smythe" over 1000 times in 30 mins!
Luckily we pay @JulieAlexandria by the hour and not by the title! #RoyaltiesForRoyalties
Also, posted by Nickelodeon UK's Director of Original Production, David Kangas, and television Host/personality, Sports reporter for Big Ten Network & MLG, 4 time Emmy Nominee, and Voice Over artist Julie Alexandria on their official Twitter profile feeds:
@JulieAlexandria - Looking forward to tmrws record! - 12.06am Thursday 9th February 2012
@kangas911 - sadly I can't make the VO session [voice over session] but I leave you in the capable hands of @adamjohnparker the Marius to my Jean Valjean! - 7.25am Thursday 9th February 2012

@kangas911 - @JulieAlexandria @adamjohnparker how'd the session go? - 2.09pm Thursday 9th February 2012

@adamjohnparker - @kangas911 @juliealexandria All good DK! We managed to do all scripts AND put the worlds to right on Olympics, Paralympics & Royal Weddings - 2.18pm Thursday 9th February 2012
@JulieAlexandria - @adamjohnparker @kangas911 and don't forget about Gingers in "Uniform" ;) Thank you everyone at Marmalade Studios in London! U guys r great! - 2.35pm Thursday 9th February 2012
Nickelodeon USA will be premiering brand new episodes from the second season of the popular live-action Nickelodeon mystery series "House of Anubis" (also known as HOA 2) from Monday January 9th 2012 at 7:00 p.m. (ET/PT), and Nickelodeon UK has announced that Nickelodeon UK and Ireland and Nickelodeon HD UK will start to premiere the second season of "House of Anubis" from March 2012.

You can view a high quality [HQ] video featuring Nickelodeon USA's latest brand new official "House of Anubis" Season 2 trailer/promo which Nick USA is using to promote Nickelodeon USA (Nickelodeon North America) premiering season two of "House of Anubis" on Monday 9th January 2012 at 7pm ET/PT/7pm Central here on NickALive!'s Nickelodeon design blog, Nickelodeon TV Media.

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