Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nick Jr. Channel UK To Premier Brand New Animated Show "Dinosaur Train" Soon

Nick Jr. Channel UK and Ireland have announced in a Tweet (post) on their official Twitter profile page (@NickJrUK) that Nickelodeon UK's preschool channel, Nick Jr. Channel UK And Ireland, will premiere and show the brand new animated series "Dinosaur Train" soon (from Monday 12th March 2012 at 4.00pm):
Hi. Kids said they saw a trailer for Dinosaur Train today. They are excited. Is it coming to NickJr?
@NickJrUK: #DinosaurTrain is definitely coming to #NickJrUK soon. We are glad your kids are excited, we are too!
Nick Junior Channel UK and Ireland's latest brand new show called "Dinosaur Train" is an CGI animated (animated using computer-generated imagery) North American series that was created by Craig Bartlett, who also created the popular classic animated original Nickelodeon show ("NickToon") "Hey Arnold!".

"Dinosaur Train" is set in a whimsical prehistoric world of jungles, swamps, active volcanoes and oceans, all teeming with dinosaur and other animal life, and connected by a train line known as the Dinosaur Train. This steam-engine train is customized for dinosaurs of all kinds: windows accommodate the long-necked sauropods, there's plenty of headroom in the Observation Car for the larger theropods, and the Aquacar is an aquarium for sea-going passengers. The train itself is run by Troodons (who get to run it because they’re the smartest dinosaurs, as they often explain, and have nimble toe claws to punch the tickets). The Dinosaur Train circles the whole world — it even crosses the oceans and inland seas, with stops to visit undersea prehistoric animals. It also has the ability to visit the entire Mesozoic Era, the "Age of Dinosaurs," passing through magical Time Tunnels to meet the dinosaurs in the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous time periods.

The world of "Dinosaur Train" is seen through the eyes of Buddy, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, who, in the show's main title song titled "Dinosaur Train", we learn that was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Pteranodon and brought to their nest to hatch at the same time as his pteranodon siblings Tiny, Shiny, and Don. By traveling in the Dinosaur Train around the Mesozoic, assisted with all dinosaur facts by the train’s Troodon Conductor, Buddy quickly learns that he is a Tyrannosaurus. As an adopted kid in a mixed-species family, Buddy is especially curious about the differences between species and vows to learn about all the dinosaurs he can by riding the Dinosaur Train.

Each episode of "Dinosaur Train" is followed by a live-action segment featuring "Dinosaur Train" educational consultant and world-renowned paleontologist Dr. Scott D. Sampson, who appears onscreen to explain the show's dinosaur curriculum in greater detail, sometimes assisted by a character known as "Mr. Disclaimer" (played by "Dinosaur Train" Story Editor Joe Purdy), who points out details such as "Dinosaurs did not actually perform musical concerts," or that "Dinosaurs did not actually play Dinoball."

"Dinosaur Train" is made by production companies Media Development Authority, Sparky Animation, The Jim Henson Company, and FableVision.

Also, Tweeted by Nick Jr. Channel UK and Ireland on their official Twitter profile feed (@NickJrUK):
#DinosaurTrain will start on #NickJrUK in March
#DinosaurTrain is coming to Nick Jr. in March! A brand new show which helps children gain interest and understanding in natural history
Nick Jr. Channel UK and Ireland have announced on their official Twitter profile page (@NickJrUK) that the official Nick Jr. UK and Ireland website has launched it's official "Dinosaur Train" website:
Dinosaur Train is starting in 2 weeks on #NickJrUK! Climb aboard the #DinosaurTrain and learn about Natural History []
There is less than one week to go till #DinosaurTrain starts on #NickJrUK! Meet the guys who will take you on a voyage!
There are only 4 days left until the premiere of the #DinosaurTrain! RT if your little ones are as excited as we are!
#DinosaurTrain premieres TODAY at 4pm on #NickJrUK!
What did you think of #DinosaurTrain? Did your children enjoy it? #NickJrUK would love to know your thoughts
We would like to apologise if you noticed problems whilst watching #DinosaurTrain as there were technical issues
Do your children love Dinosaur Train? They can try to make dinosaurs using hand shadows in this fun activity
Also, from Kidscreen:
Henson inks global broadcast and licensing deals

The Jim Henson Company has secured a raft of new TV and home entertainment deals for three of its preschool series, Pajanimals, Sid the Science Kid and Dinosaur Train.

Live-action/puppetry series Pajanimals, which airs exclusively in the US on 24-hour preschool channel Sprout, has been picked up by ABC Australia and TVNZ New Zealand for its TV2 network.

Disney Channel (Germany), Nickelodeon (UK), TVNZ New Zealand’s TV2, Latvian TV, and Botswana Television have acquired CG-animated Dinosaur Train (season one), which airs on PBS Kids in the US.

Also on-board Dinosaur Train for season two are Discovery Kids (Latin America), E-Vision (United Arab Emirates), and TVO (Canada). In addition, Russia’s Channel 1 has purchased seasons one and two and acquired global Russian language rights. Home entertainment DVD rights for season two have been snapped up by Empire Film (Romania).

For Sid the Science Kid, France 5, TVO (Canada), PBS (Thailand), and Discovery Kids (Latin America) have licensed season two, and TVB Pearl (Hong Kong), One Batswana Television, and NOGA (Israel) have licensed season one. The series airs in the US on PBS Kids.

The deals come a day after Henson announced it will co-produce Sid the Science Kid: The Movie, a 3D, CG-animated feature film based on the series, after striking a deal with China-based animation studio Nine Eyes Stone & Shanghai Animation Film Studios.
Also, from C21Media:
Henson sends Sid to the movies

The Jim Henson Company has sold shows including Pajanimals and Sid the Science Kid into numerous territories and lined up a big-screen outing for the latter.

The US kids company has sign its first coproduction agreement with a Chinese company, Nine Eyes Stone & Shanghai Animation Film Studios, to produce the Sid feature film.

Among the TV deals, ABC (Australia) and TVNZ network TV2 (New Zealand) will broadcast Sprout preschool series Pajanimals, which follows four friends who go on journeys of discovery.

Season one of CGI series Dinosaur Train has gone to Disney Channel (Germany), Nickelodeon (UK), TV2, Latvian TV and Botswana Television. Discovery Kids (Latin America), E-Vision (UAE) and TVO (Canada) have all licensed season two.

Finally, TVB Pearl (Hong Kong) and One Batswana Television (Botswana) have acquired season one of Sid, with Discovery Kids, France 5 and Thai PBS signing up for season two. Noga (Israel) has renewed the first season.

The new feature film, Sid the Science Kid: The Movie, will be produced in 3D and HD. Sid showrunner Bradley Zweig is penning the script and executive producing. Jim Henson’s Lisa Henson and Halle Stanford and Nine Eyes’ Al F Barry also executive produce, with David Miller producing.

Jim Henson takes all theatrical, television, DVD and digital rights outside China and will debut the project at MipTV.

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