Wednesday, February 15, 2012 Reviews Big Time Rush's Second Album "Elevate"

Big Time Rush's 'Elevate' Album Review

Big Time Rush’s Elevate features a song called "Show Me" which states, “The track begins, you pull me in.” And that is exactly what happens with every track on this album.

2011’s Elevate is packed with feel-good dance music, infectious pop hooks, and breathtaking ballads. From kindergartners to college students, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Big Time Rush first became popular on their Nickelodeon TV show of the same name. While their debut album featured songs written specifically for the series, this sophomore album allowed the boys more involvement in the creative process. For the first time, Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Logan Henderson, and Carlos Pena had the opportunity to write their own lyrics. They expressed appreciation for their fans, the importance of believing in your dreams, and having an optimistic outlook on life and love. They also reminded listeners to stay true to themselves and to have fun while doing so!

Throughout the album, BTR's passion for their music shines through.

“Music Sounds Better With U” is an instant hit which hooks you with its playful lyrics and optimistic perspective. Big Time Rush's upcoming Better With You Tour is named after this track.

There should be more songs in the world like “Cover Girl”, a self confidence anthem for women everywhere. With lyrics like: “I love you just the way you’re made”, “It’s what’s underneath your skin, the beauty that shines within”, and “You’ve got a heart of gold, a perfect original", the song places value on the characteristics that make each person special and unique. In a time full of distorted media messages about beauty, Big Time Rush’s assurance is both welcome and refreshing.

My favorite track was “Love Me Love Me”, a head bopping, jump-up-and-down, raise-your-hands-up-in-the-air type of song with clever rhymes and techno-influenced beats. In the same realm was "If I Ruled The World", an imaginative, upbeat song about what you would do if you were in charge for a day. I couldn’t help but get up and dance!

“You’re Not Alone” featured honest and heartfelt lyrics about being there for someone when they need you most. It showed that the boys of Big Time Rush are not just a bunch of pretty faces. They are musicians with talent, good heads on their shoulders, and respectable role models for all.

At the end of the CD I was shouting the words to the title track “Elevate” with the utmost enthusiasm and excitement: “Elevate a little higher, let’s throw a party in the sky and celebrate!”

Music definitely sounds better with BTR in the mix. Go take a listen!

Below is the video for their hit "Music Sounds Better With U":

And here is "If I Ruled the World" which features clips of their devoted fanbase (called "Rushers") and their summer touring highlights [not available to be viewed from within the the UK.]

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