Monday, July 30, 2012

Nickelodeon Star And "VicTORIous" Actress Ariana Grande Talks About Her Summer Plans

Ariana Grande dishes on summer plans: ‘I will be putting out some music’

Ariana Grande Credits: (Getty Photo)
Ariana Grande has some time off for the summer. After working hard on the Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious as Cat Valentine, the cast wrapped the nine month shoot so the entertainers can take a break. Dishing on what she plans on doing during the summer on Sunday afternoon at the Teen Choice Awards, Ariana doesn’t sound like she is taking any time off as the actress has big plans with music.

“I just covered Die In Your Arms with Justin Bieber. I love it and I will be putting it out soon on Soundcloud or something for free,” said Ariana Grande on the red carpet of the Teen Choice Awards. “I will be putting out some music, shooting a few things and I want to get my scuba diving certification. I love the ocean.”

While the Victorious actress has great ambitions for the summer, her fans really hope she takes a minute to step back and enjoy a vacation or at least take a day or two off.
Take a look at the video clip of Ariana Grande dishing on her summer plans.

Video: Ariana Grande