Saturday, July 21, 2012 Lists The Top 10 Modern Boy Bands

The Top 10 Modern Boy Bands

The Backstreet Boys, the most successful boy band of all time, has announced that they have reunited their original lineup and are working on their first new album since 2005. With One Direction leading a new charge of boy bands, we decided to look at the Top 10 Modern Boy Bands - we're cutting off bands formed before the 1980s.

Big Time Rush: Bolstered by their Nickelodeon show, BTR has a gold album and a gold single. As of May, they have sold 4.1 million singles.

The Wanted: Over 1000 hopefuls auditioned to be in the UK group. Their second album, Battleground, has hit UK Platinum. The single Glad You Came proved they could be a hit in the U.S., earning 3x platinum.

Hanson: MMMBop helped Middle of Nowhere hit 4x platinum. After struggles with their label, Hanson went independent and scored a #1 on Billboard's Top Independent Albums chart in 2004.

One Direction: Ireland's next boy band sensation only placed 3rd on UK's X Factor. However, the CEO of Sony Music UK now claims the band now represents $50 million for the company. One Direction holds the distinct honor of being the first UK group in history to hit #1 in America (The Beatles' US debut only reached #2).

98 Degrees: One of the few boy bands formed independently, rather than selected by a producer. They have sold 10 million records and have 8 top 40 singles. 98 Degrees and Rising hit 4x platinum.

Jonas Brothers: A whirlwind of releases - three albums in three years - led to three platinum awards. They are also featured heavily on four Disney soundtracks that went at least gold. They are considering a new album for 2012/13.

Westlife: The Irish boy band holds a Guinness world record for Top-selling album act of the 21st century in the UK. They have 14 number one singles in the UK, only behind Elvis Presley and the Beatles.

N Sync: Generally considered one of the most successful boy bands, N Sync also reminds us of the "flash in the pan" nature of these groups. They released three albums in four years, earning 10x, 11x, and 5x platinum certifications. The band then went on hiatus, and Justin Timberlake focused on a solo career.

Boyz II Men: The R&B vocal group held a top spot on Billboard for 50 weeks cumulatively, putting them behind only Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and Mariah Carey. Billboard Magazine named them the most successful music group of the 90s.

New Kids on the Block: NKOTB, who recently went on a joint tour with 4 of the 5 Backstreet Boys, claims over 80 million records sold. Hangin' Tough went 8x platinum.

The Backstreet Boys: The undisputed king of Boy bands, they have sold over 130 million records wold wide - putting them in a group that includes David Bowie, Bon Jovi, Garth Brooks, and Bruce Springsteen. Their top album, Millenium, sold 30 million on its own and hit 13x platinum.