Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nickelodeon Unveils The Cover Art For The Upcoming Brand New "How To Rock" Single "All About Tonight"; To Feature In The Brand New "How To Rock" Episode "How To Rock Cee Lo"

From Just Jared Jr.:
Cymphonique's 'All About Tonight' Single Art -- JJJ Exclusive!

Check out the cover art for Cymphonique's upcoming single, “All About Tonight”, provided exclusively to!

The track will be featured in an all-new episode of How To Rock next weekend.

In "How To Rock Cee Lo,” The Perfs have front row seats to see Cee Lo in concert while Gravity 5 doesn't even have tickets. Masquerading as arena employees, Gravity 5 sneaks into the concert, but security catches on and chases them all over the arena. Finally, they’re cornered, and Gravity 5 goes to great lengths to avoid security.

The band's actions grab the attention of Cee Lo, who decides he wants Kacey to go on tour with him. Gravity 5 is happy for Kacey (Cymphonique), but at the same time, they have a the biggest music competition yet coming up at school and with Kacey on tour, they must race to find her replacement so they can still win.