Sunday, August 19, 2012

Saban Unveils The Cast, Characters And First Trailer For "Power Rangers Megaforce" At "Power Morphicon 3"

Saban Brands announced at "Power Morphicon 2012", a 'Power Rangers' convention, on Saturday 18th August 2012 the cast who will be starring and the characters they'll be playing in the next chapter of the popular "Power Rangers" franchise, "Power Rangers Megaforce", which Nickelodeon USA will premiere in North America in 2013. From the blog:
Power Rangers Megaforce Cast at Power Morphicon 3

For the past year, RangerCrew has kept you updated with the latest Power Rangers Megaforce Casting News. We would like to thank DarkBlaze and Mr. Yellow for their continued research. The official cast for Power Rangers Megaforce was revealed today at Power Morphicon 3. We would like to personally congratulate the new team and wish them all of the best as they represent Power Rangers in the 20th anniversary.

Let me introduce you to the Megaforce Power Rangers.

[Actors Name:] Andrew Gray
[Character Name:] Troy
Megaforce Red Ranger

[Actors Name:] Azim Rizk
[Character Name:] Jake
Megaforce Black Ranger

[Actors Name:] John Mark
[Character Name:] Noah
Megaforce Blue Ranger

[Actresses Name:] Ciara Hanna
[Character Name:] Gia
Megaforce Yellow Ranger

[Actresses name:] Christina Masterson
[Character Name:] Emma
Megaforce Pink Ranger

Here are some photos from the panel. Click on the images to view their true size. If you use these images on your sites and blogs, please credit us with the appropriate link back to this blog. I uploaded 37 high-resolution photos from the Saban Brands Panel at Samurai Cast.

View all 37 high-resolution photos of the Power Rangers Megaforce Cast Members at Samurai Cast.

Here is video footage that we filmed during the Saban Brands Panel at Power Morphicon 3. The video also shows the Samurai Cast Members standing next to the new Megaforce cast.

Also from the blog:
Power Rangers Megaforce Promo

The first Official Power Rangers Megaforce promo aired today at Power Morphicon 3. This promo was an improved version of the ones shown at Licensing Expo, which showed Goseiger Footage and Gokaioh. The Power Morphicon Promo showed Sentai footage from Goseiger and the Legend War. Fans jumped out of their scenes and went nuts when the Legend War was shown on screen. This teaser is approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds.

I filmed the promo today with the Sony NEX-5N. My apologies for the shaky camera. If you are watching on Youtube, make sure you watch it in 1080p HD. Please let us know what you think of the promo at RangerCrew. Enjoy the promo and help spread the word by giving us appropriate credit AND link back to this blog.

The Cast Members of Power Rangers Megaforce were confirmed today at Power Morphicon. Check out our Blog for the official announcement.