Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nickelodeon Europe And Studio 100 To Release First Issue Of The Official Magazine Of "Hotel 13" In Europe On Tuesday 25th September 2012

According to the German actor Patrick Baehr, who plays the character 'Tom Kepler' in Nickelodeon Europe's brand new live-action daily soap opera series called "Hotel 13", which Nickelodeon is currently co-producing with the Belgium production company "Studio 100", who also make the hit mystery Nickelodeon TV series, "House of Anubis" for Nickelodeon channels and networks around the world, on his official Twitter profile page (@PatrickBaehr), to accompany Nickelodeon's brand new show, "Hotel 13", which premiered on Nickelodeon Belgium (België), Nickelodeon Germany (Deutschland), Nickelodeon Norway (Norge), Nickelodeon Switzerland (Schweiz), Nickelodeon Sweden (Sverige), Nickelodeon Denmark (Danmark), Nickelodeon Netherlands (Nederland), Nickelodeon Austria (Österreich) and Nickelodeon Finland (Suomi) on Monday 3rd September 2012, Nickelodeon and Studio 100 will be releasing a brand new multi-issue official "Hotel 13" magazine to tie-in the brand new series, which will be released on Tuesday 25th September 2012 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland:
Release: 25.09.! #Hotel13 #Magazine in #GER, #AU and #CH. But you can also order it a lot of shops in whole #Europe! pic.twitter.com/29Zps4vg
Not much more information is currently known about Nickelodeon and Studio 100's brand new official "Hotel 13" tie-in magazine, such as who publishes the magazine, and how often new issues will be released in shops.

Each issue of Nickelodeon's brand new "Hotel 13 The official magazine of the TV series" magazine will feature character bios for the cast, interviews with the stars of "Hotel 13", articles discussing the mystery of "Room 13", plus posters, and photocards to collect!
Hotel 13

Das offizielle Magazin zur TV-Serie (The official magazine of the TV series)

01/12 D: &euro3.20 A:&euro3.60 B, L: &euro3.70 I: &euro4.50

Neu! (New!)

Wo ist Zimmer 13? (Where is room 13?)

Eine geheimnisvolle Postkarte (A mysterious postcard)

Eine spannende Suche (An exciting search)

Ein aufregendes Abenteuer (An exciting adventure)

Willkommen im Hotel 13 (Welcome to Hotel 13)
Alle stars, all Rollen, alle Geheimnisse (All the stars, all roles, all the secrets)

Die Stars im Interview (The Stars Interview)
...So witzig ist's hinter den kulissen!" (So funny ...'s is behind the scenes! ")

4 tolle Fan-Poster (4 great Fan Poster)

Super Extra
12 Photocards zum Sammeln! (12 Photo Cards to collect!)
Pro Heft ein Set mit 4 Fotos (Each issue a set of 4 photos)

Vernetzt: Wer mit wem im Hotel 13? (Networked: Who with whom the hotel 13?)
Stars: Private Interviews und Steckbriefe (Stars: Personal interviews and profiles)
Test: Welche Rolle du im Hotel 13? (Test: What is your role in the Hotel 13?)
Nickelodeon and Studio 100's brand new live-action daily soap opera series called "Hotel 13" stars Patrick Baehr as Tom Kepler, Gerrit Klein as Jack Leopold, Julia Schäfle as Liv Sonntag, Carola Schnell as Anna Jung, Hanna Scholz as Victoria von Lippstein and Marcel Glauche as Flo Tuba, and is about six teenagers that could not be more different than each other who meet up with each other at Hotel 13, a beautiful Art Nouveau hotel near the sea, during the holidays. Tom and Anna have applied for summer jobs at the hotel, Flo is training in the kitchen, Victoria is a pampered guest, Jack is the son of the hotel owner, and as Anna's friend Liv arrives at the hotel, the group is complete. Tom has his own reasons for a summer job at the Hotel 13: He got a cryptic message to "find the room and 13th" But that's easier said than done, as seems to be a room with the number 13 did not give it." The search begins and with it a great holiday adventure full of friendship, fun and first love. The first season of "Hotel 13 - Die Zeit Deines Lebens (the time of your life)" includes 120 12-minute long episodes.