Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nickelodeon Greece Announces Plans To Premiere "The Legend of Korra" On Friday 14th September 2012

Nickelodeon Greece has announced in the 'Nickelodeon News' section on their official Nickelodeon website, Nickelodeon.gr, that Nickelodeon Greece, the Greek version of the popular kids' channel Nickelodeon, will start to premiere and show Nickelodeon's brand new original animated Nickelodeon series "The Legend of Korra" from Friday 14th September 2012 at 3.45pm (local time), where Nickelodeon Greece will continue to show brand new episodes of "The Legend of Korra" every Friday at 3.45pm and on Sunday at 5.15pm:

Below is Nickelodeon Greece's Nickelodeon News article about the Greek premiere of "The Legend of Korra", Nickelodeon's brand new original animated show which has been translated by Google Translate:
The Legend of Korra

Main protagonist of Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Korra, a young girl and the current incarnation of Avatars.

Korra is irrepressible, independent and ready to save the world. Korra has already tamed water, earth and fire, but she needs to learn and magical air. Unlike Avatar: The Legend of Aang, the story of Avatar: The Legend of Korra will be conducted in a place called the "Federal City."

Korra will learn the magic of air from the master Tenzin, son of Avatar Aang and Curse, and will support a revolution against the magic that takes place in the city.

Premiere Friday, September 14 at 15:45! Only on Nickelodeon!

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