Saturday, October 06, 2012

Nickelodeon Star Noah Munck Talks About The Brand New "iCarly" Episode "iShock America"

Below is a Nickelodeon News article about the brand new episode of the hit Nickelodeon comedy series "iCarly" called "iShock America", which Nickelodeon USA will premiere in North America on Saturday 6th October 2012 at 8/7c as part of Nickelodeon USA's brand new Nickelodeon Programming Stunt and Block called "Gotta See Saturdays", from the 'Nickelodeon Stars' section of the (geo-locked) official Nickelodeon USA website,
Noah Munck Chats 'iShock America'

What's awesome about iCarly, New York City and late night talk show host, Jimmy Fallon? Well, lots of things. But what's uber fantastic about all three is that they're coming together in one of the biggest iCarly episodes of all time, this Saturday! You heard us. Your fave crew of random dancers are headed to the Big Apple for a special appearance on Jimmy Fallon's talk show! And you can watch it all go down in this weekend's hour-long episode, 'iShock America.'

Wanna know more about this epic upcoming episode? Allow Noah Munck to explain! He spilled to TV Line about working with Jimmy and what's in store for the show. "Hands down, he was my favorite guest star," he said. "I'm such a big fan, and he was so funny and fun to work with."

As far as the episode goes, we're definitely in for some hilarious surprises..."Gibby removes his [shirt] a lot on the show, but on that episode, he has a serious wardrobe malfunction," Noah explained. "It's not more so than usual, but it's different -- definitely fun."

And just to add more fun to the list, we just got news that comedian Tiny Fey [Tina Fey] will also be making a cameo in the episode! Jimmy Fallon, Tiny Fey and a Gibby wardrobe malfunction? Does it get much better than that?!

Don't forget to tune in when 'iShock America' hits the tube this Saturday at 8/7c!