Monday, November 05, 2012

The Official Nick Jr. UK Website, Unveils Brand New Interactive Story Book Section Called "Read"

Nickelodeon UK and Ireland's preschool channel, Nick Jr. UK and Ireland, has announced on their official Twitter profile page (@NickJrUK) that Nick Jr. UK and Eire has unveiled a brand new and exclusive reading section called "Read" to their official website,, which features interactive story books based on children's stories:
Check out our brand new Read section @NickJrUK and read The Elves and the Shoemaker with Arnie and Barnie and your Jr. What do you...
Each of Nick Jr. UK's brand new interactive story books will be available in two different modes; "Play mode", which features the popular Nick Junior UK presenters Arnie and Barnie (The Wiggly Worms; "The Wiggle Song", "A Bedtime Story"), who give a commentary about how the stories going so far and prompt the reader to play in-book games based on the story being read by clicking on special interactive elements within the pages, which can be used as a fun interactive learning tool to teach reading skills, and "Watch Mode", which lets the reader read a engaging story.

To launch with, the first story Nick Junior UK has added to their brand new "Read" section on their official website,, is the children's tale called "The Elves And The Shoemaker", with more brand new interactive story books planned to be added in the coming weeks.

Also, from Nick Jr. UK's brand new "Read With Us" section on the official Nick Jr. UK website,
Nick Jr. Read - Read On Nick Jr.

Because we know how much your little ones love stories, we've created a series of interactive story books that can be used as both a fun interactive learning tool to teach reading skills in Play mode, or an engaging bedtime story in Watch mode.