Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Nickelodeon USA Unveils Working Preview Of The All-New Nick.com

To celebrate Nickelodeon USA relaunching their official website, Nick.com, with a brand-new design based on the networks Emmy Award-winning Nick App very soon, Nick USA has unveiled a special Beta version of the networks brand-new website which offers NickHeads a special sneak-peek preview of Nickelodeon's all-new official site, which NickHeads can visit here at beta14.nick.com!

Nickelodeon's revamped official website will bring all the fun in the Nick App to Nick.com, allowing visitors to play more games, watch tons of videos and see the Nickelodeon stars and characters they love in Nick's brand new look. Soon, Nick's official website will have a brand new look with an endless stream of totally awesome stuff. There will be MORE games, MORE videos and even a giant Do Not Touch button. Just watch out for surprises!

All of your favorite Nickelodeon characters, games and videos are sticking around, with even more fun to discover. But now, visitors will get to see them in a totally new way! There will be endless games and videos, old and new, to play. Plus, Nick will be giving visitors a BIGGER and BETTER way to watch online videos! The possibilities are endless on Nickelodeon's all-new website! The brand-new look Nick.com will go live very soon!

The new Nick.com will also give NickHeads a whole new way to connect with their friends. Soon, visitors will be able to chat with their pals in the all-new Message Boards! But there's still time for users to save all the stuff they've made in The Nickelodeon Club and the current Nick.com Message Boards. You can find some important steps on how you can save your fan fiction, posts, Club avatars and more here on NickALive! Make sure that you save now, so that you don't lose all of your great work later!

Get started now by checking out the all-new Nick.com, plus check out the aweslime pictures from Nickelodeon's brand-new Nick.com below!:

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