Monday, May 16, 2016

The Cast Of Nickelodeon's "Hey Arnold!" All Grown Up

London's Metro News has imagined what the characters from the popular Classic Nickelodeon original animated series Hey Arnold! would look like grown up!

Hey Arnold! originally ran between 1996 and 2004 and focused on a football-headed fourth-grader who lived with his grandparents in a boarding house. The series quickly became one of Nickelodeon's most popular Nicktoons.

When the show aired, the lead character (and football head), Arnold, was nine years old, which means he’d be 29 now.

In tribute, has thought about what Arnold and co would be doing today, and worked with one of their illustrators, Dave Anderson, to create these. Here's what Metro News think the stars of Hey Arnold! would look like now!:

Arnold Shortman:

Arnold of Hey Arnold! as a 29-year-old (Picture: Dave Anderson for

Arnold is working in Silicon Valley, where he cycles to his job as a social media officer for a poorly-funded humanitarian charity.

He tries to bench in his spare time but is struggling to get the Instagram body he desires.

He still plays the harmonica, but now he does it ironically in a folk band called Sunset Arms.

Sadly Phil and Gertie have passed on, and he used the money they left him to fund a short-lived career touring his band round the States.

He has a girlfriend called May, who looks suspiciously like Lila Sawyer, who he met while studying social science at college.

In his free time Arnold plays Uncharted 4 against Gerald, while May watches Keeping Up With The Kardashians in their tiny house share.

He still isn’t sure about Helga.

Helga Pataki from Hey Arnold! as imagined 20 years on (Picture: Dave Anderson for

Helga is working on the Republican campaign and plans to be the first female president, because she thinks Hilary Clinton is too soft, although she approves of her pants suits.

She is still followed round by Brain, who has become hench thanks to a worrying amount of protein shakes, and is now her bodyguard.

Sometimes Helga stalks Arnold on social media (but doesn’t write anything, obviously) but only when she’s bored.

It will be a cold day in heck before she wears a pink ribbon again.

Rhonda Wellington Lloyd

Rhonda from Hey Arnold! as imagined 20 years on (Picture: Dave Anderson for

Rhonda is now a fashion blogger, because of course she is.

She has a combined following of 2.5million and only works with brands she really believes match her core values.

That cold-pressed coffee shop you think is the coolest? She used to go there – about two years ago.

Harold Berman:

Harold from Hey Arnold! as imagined 20 years on (Picture: Dave Anderson for

The boy who began as the bully of the show now runs a used car business.

He is married to Lisa, a girl he met in High School, and they have two daughters – Harriet, who’s as quiet and subtle as her Dad is loud, and Dee, who’s obsessed with DC Comics.

Gerald Martin Johanssen:

Gerald from Hey Arnold! as imagined 20 years on (Picture: Dave Anderson for

Arnold's best friend has moved from Hillwood to Miami, where he runs a night club called Urban Legend.

As in the show, he is still a ladies’ man, although he has put on weight following years of excess on the local scene.

He and Arnold grew apart when they went to different universities, but almost every year they get together for a lads’ weekend with Stinky Pete and Sid.

Nickelodeon are currently making a brand-new two-part Hey Arnold! TV movie! Slated to premiere on Nickelodeon USA in November 2017, the television movie will feature a storyline that picks up from where the original series ended in 2004 and will resolve unanswered questions and plotlines - including Arnold finally getting answers about the whereabouts of his missing parents. Craig Bartlett returns as writer and executive producer of the new film, which is being produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studios in Burbank, California. The movie is also speculated to feature original voice actors Marie Smith, Anndi McAfee and Olivia Hack.

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