Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Snaps Launches iMessage Apps for the World's Largest Brands with the Release of iOS 10 | The Splat

Original Snaps Press Release via PR Newswire:

Snaps Launches iMessage Apps for the World's Largest Brands with the Release of iOS 10

Kevin Hart, Coach, Marriott Rewards, Burger King, Dove, Dunkin' Donuts, and more look to industry-leader Snaps for the creation of this next-generation marketing tool

NEW YORK, Sept. 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Snaps, the first brand marketing platform for mobile messaging, is announcing the launch of more than a dozen branded iMessage applications in conjunction with Apple's release of iOS 10. The new operating system opens iMessage, the messaging platform used by an estimated 900 million people worldwide, to third-party developers for the first time.

Kevin Hart, Coach, Marriott Rewards, Burger King, L'Oréal USA, Toyota, Dove, Dunkin' Donuts, Nickelodeon's The Splat, Sephora, and 'Iris Meets I.N.C.' by I.N.C. International Concepts for Macy's, to name a few, are trusting the creative and technical expertise of Snaps to be a part of this ground-breaking launch.

"When we decided to make KEVMOJI, all I knew is that we had to do something no one else was doing. So here we are, literally changing the face of iMessage by creating a real experience through emojis and stickers, rather than in animation. With the launch of iOS 10, my production team, HartBeat Digital along with Snaps, is revolutionizing the kind of content I'm able to share with my fans," says Kevin Hart.

Snaps has paired its expertise of emoji and content marketing, with its powerful marketing platform to empower its clients to update their iMessage sticker packs in real-time and track analytics around their iMessage marketing efforts, including content shares and interactions. After launching over 100 messaging keyboards for its clients, Snaps is excited to provide them with the ability to publish, manage and optimize their marketing efforts within iMessage on iOS 10.

In addition to sticker packs, Snaps is rolling out a never-seen-before collaborative feature for Coach's Coachmoji Application. The iMessage application allows users to curate a completely personalized look, which includes dresses, purses, and accessories. The user can then share and collaborate on the looks with friends all within iMessage, and save the styles for future sharing.

"Since 1941, the Coach name has been synonymous with the energy, individuality and creative optimism of New York," says Andre Cohen, President North America and Global Marketing, Coach. "Coachmojis enable friends to interact by using a special keyboard of our products and characters. This allows fans to add their own signature style to texts, iMessages, emails, as well as design their own mood boards and most importantly – share them. The Coachmojis are as vibrant and playful as the city they were inspired by and we hope will be a fun, inspirational way for users to interact with our brand."

Top personalities and brands turn to Snaps ahead of other marketing platforms because the company has proven to be the market leader in the mobile messaging space. Snaps has been making branded stickers and emojis since 2014 with numerous apps being featured or having trended #1 in the Apple App Store. The company's platform connects brands to over 2 billion people across messaging applications worldwide.

Snaps has seen over 100 million pieces of content shared on its platform, and 65% of the shares happen on iMessage. CEO, Christian Brucculeri expects the number of content shares across its platform to increase five-fold now that Apple has opened up iMessage as a marketing endpoint.

"By Apple allowing sticker packs and new iMessage apps right in iMessage, it truly puts our partner brands in the hands of their biggest advocates," says Brucculeri. "This is amazing news for our clients and allows them to be a part of the biggest platform on the planet."

About Snaps
Snaps is the mobile messaging solution for the world's largest brands. Mobile messaging is the next evolution of social media, adding a personalized layer to all customer touchpoints. Our mission is to help the world's largest brands be a part of the 257 billion conversations happening every day. Snaps clients include Burger King, Viacom, Pepsi, L'Oréal USA, Unilever, and over 120 other brands as platform partners.



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