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Has 'Power Rangers' Season 26 Been Confirmed?

For the past decade or so, Power Rangers fans have been in a near constant state of "is the show cancelled?" From Operation Overdrive to the newest season, Super Ninja Steel, fans have continually wondered if the show would be ending. Well, those worries can be put to rest once again. In a post (now deleted) from Power Rangers casting director Iris Hampton, it seems a new season will be heading our way soon!

"We will begin casting soon for another amazing season of Power Rangers! Contact your agents and managers for details in mid-March. Would love to see great young talent proficient in martial arts, gymnastics, acrobatics, or dance."

Hampton has been involved with the show since the beloved Power Rangers In Space, so it is more than legit.

Previously in an interview with AucklandNZ we learned that Executive Producer Chip Lynn and the Saban team were, "starting to develop the next season" but this casting announcement is the first concrete move to a new season happening.

Screenshot via Morphin Legacy.

It should be noted that usually by this time in the past few years we've gotten the announcement of a new season or at least trademarks showing the new season's name. We haven't received any of those just yet, which was causing the latest round of worries from Power Rangers fans.

There's still no indication where or when this new season will air. The partnership Saban has with Nickelodeon hasn't been extended at the time of posting, so it's up in the air what network the season could end up on. There's also zero confirmation on what Super Sentai season the new season will take footage from, although there are two real options - there are two recent seasons that have yet to be adapted into a Power Rangers show.

The most likely option for Saban is Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, which is the 41st season of the long-running show. The show is heavily favored due to its space theme and the sheer number of Rangers. The show would be the first to use a space theme since Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, and would also serve as a nice contrast to the current Super Ninja Steel. It also features 12 Rangers, which translates into all kinds of toy opportunities. Bandai America also has direct input on the designs for the series.

Plus, it was received really well in Japan, and the premise should go over well internationally too, as it deals with alien invaders taking over the world, awakening nine of the most powerful heroes to save it.

If Saban goes another route, it will likely go with Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, the 40th season. Zyuohger has an animal theme, with a few video game elements thrown in for good measure. The show features around 9 Rangers, and the premise could go over well, but it isn't as surefire a premise as Kyuranger.

It will be interesting to see which way Saban goes.

In the meantime, you can catch Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel on Nickelodeon USA Saturdays at 12 pm ET/PT!

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