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Meet the Stars of 'Star Falls' | YTV

Meet the cast and characters of Star Falls, and tune into the brand-new show Fridays at 7:30pm (ET/PT) on YTV Canada, Sundays at 9:00pm on Nickelodeon USA, and weekends at 10:30am on Nickelodeon UK & Ireland!

Meet Sophia Miller! | STAR FALLS ⭐️

Sophia (Siena Agudong) loves living in Star Falls with her tight knight family, especially her mom! Smart and daring, Sophia spend her days fixing up injured pets with her veterinarian mom and scheming with her bestie Nate to make everyone's life more exciting. When a famous Hollywood family suddenly moves to her hometown, Sophia can't wait to show them the ropes and get into new adventures--- including setting up her mom with the famous movie star, Craig Brooks!

Watch Sophia on Star Falls, Fridays @ 7:30pm E/P on YTV!

Meet Diamond Brooks! | STAR FALLS ⭐️

At only 14 years old, Diamond Brooks (Kamaia Fairburn) is already an up-for-anything social media star! She's not thrilled to be leaving her Hollywood lifestyle, but she's open to new things-- as long as she can still take amazing selfies! Diamond and Sophia become bff's and together they concoct a plan to set up their parents. After all, all Diamond
really wants is for her family to be happy, especially her dad!

Watch Diamond on Star Falls, Fridays @ 7:30pm E/P on YTV!

Meet Bo Brooks! | STAR FALLS ⭐️

Bo (Marcus Cornwall) is the youngest Brooks sibling. He really likes to have fun, though occasionally it does get him in some hot water! Luckily, there's no better place for a kids to run wild than a close-knit community like Star Falls. Not that that would have stopped him

Watch Bo on Star Falls, Fridays @ 7:30pm E/P on YTV!

Meet Nate Rex! | STAR FALLS ⭐️

Nate (Tomaso Sanelli), a true small town boy, has been friends with Sophia since they were little kids. He knows Sophia better than anyone, and when her antics get to be too much, he can bring her back. A born handyman and amateur town historian, Nate is happy to help the Brooks kids learn how to love Star Falls as much as he does.

Watch Nate on Star Falls, Fridays @ 7:30pm E/P on YTV!

Meet Phoenix Brooks! | STAR FALLS ⭐️

When it comes to deep-thinking, Phoenix (Jadiel Dowlin) is number one. The eldest Brooks sibling is focusing on some of the benefits of moving to Star Falls. Like peace, serenity, and... more cows! Phoenix likes to stay zen, but he won't be able to resist helping plan ways to get his dad, Craig, and Beth together.

Watch Phoenix on Star Falls, Fridays @ 7:30pm E/P on YTV!

Meet Beth Miller! | STAR FALLS ⭐️

A veterinarian and life-long Star Falls resident, Beth (Elena V. Wolfe) is warm, down-to-earth and always the voice of reason. She loves her daughter, Sophia, and her cranky dad Lou. She might also be falling for movie star Craig Brooks, who's in town to shoot a big Hollywood movie. And when Sophia invites the Brooks family to move into their farmhouse, Beth has to admit, they're starting to feel like a family already.

Watch Beth on Star Falls, Fridays @ 7:30pm E/P on YTV!

Meet Craig Brooks! | STAR FALLS ⭐️

Craig (Dion Johnstone) is a hard-working single dad who hasn't let his Hollywood fame and fortune change him from the everyday normal guy he is inside. But raising 3 kids in Hollywood is hard, so when he has a chance to shoot a movie in the quaint town of Star Falls, he thinks it will do them some good! And when he meets Beth Miller, he knows he made the right decision!

Watch Craig on Star Falls, Fridays @ 7:30pm E/P on YTV!

Meet Grandpa Lou! | STAR FALLS ⭐️

Lou Miller (Shawn Lawrence) is the quintessential grandpa: grumpy, wise-cracking and lovable in equal parts. Lou has nothing but eye rolls for anything having to do with Hollywood, but it looks like he might have a bit of a soft spot for the Brooks kids.

Watch grandpa Lou on Star Falls, Fridays @ 7:30pm E/P on YTV!

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