Friday, August 03, 2018

NickTube: Planet Nickelodeon Video Round-Up | Friday 3rd August 2018

Check out a selection of video clips featuring your favourite Nickelodeon shows and stars from Nickelodeon channels around the world!

Please note that some videos may be subject to geographical restrictions.

Remember When | Big Ugly Clown | Hey Arnold!

Remember when Harold was a big, ugly, sad clown?

Remember When | Boppo the Clown | Rugrats

Remember when Chuckie realized his new toy was a clown?

DIY Crunchy Slime To Cure Your Summer Boredom | MTV Cribs

So 🔊 Much 🔊 Crunch! Would you make this slime? 💖 (📹: Cribs)

Sam Puckett Loves Fried Chicken | iCarly | Sam & Cat

Name one thing you love as much as Sam Puckett loves fried chicken 🍗

Remember When | Night Shift

Remember when SpongeBob and Squidward worked the late night shift at The Krusty Krab?

Big Ear of Corn | All That | NickSplat

We all care about the Big Ear of Corn... especially when he ran ill. Take time out of your busy life to enjoy your corn this summer. Catch more All That on NickSplat! What was your FAVORITE All That sketch?

Horrid Henry - The Duet | Cartoons For Children | Horrid Henry Full Episodes | HFFE

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Bienvenue chez les Loud | Clyde l'irrésistible | Nickelodeon France

Lori veut reconquérir Clyde qui, de son côté, demande à Leni de l'aider à se contrôler en présence de Lori.

Get Blake | Ataque Zombie | Portugal | Nickelodeon em Português

Blake e Mitch jogam um jogo de Zombies, mas não esperavam que estes saíssem do televisor e os atacassem!

Sunny Day | Cache-cache Doux-doux | NICKELODEON JUNIOR FRANCE

Sunny et ses amis cherchent le maître d'un chiot abandonné.

Regal Academy | Season 1 Episode 7 - Bahasa Indonesia

Really Useful Percy | Videos for Kids | Thomas & Friends

Percy is keeping himself busy. Then he is sent to do a very special mission.

SpongeBob Schwammkopf | Geisterbeschwörung | Nickelodeon Deutschland

Spongebob will das Geheimnis des Rostigen Roggenknackers lösen, muss dafür jedoch den Geist des verstorbenen Erfinders rufen.

Bob l'éponge | Braquage de banque | Nickelodeon France

Pour sauver Mr Krabs, Bob l'éponge et Patrick doivent entrer par effraction dans une banque.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles | Mike versus Krang | Nickelodeon Nederlands

Eerste gevecht tegen Krang, wie gaat er winnen?

Wayside S02E06 - Extra-curricular Ridicular/Wayside Christmas

iCarly | iHatch Chicks | Nickelodeon UK

Carly and Sam introduce their egg collection to the iCarly audience, and wait patiently for them to hatch.

What Colour Is The Wrapping Paper On The Present? | The Earl's Quiz | Thomas & Friends UK

There are many wonderful things to see on the Island of Sodor! But, how closely are you paying attention?

Wayside S02E05 - The Rat Truth/Free Stewy

צוות מנחוס - שיר טיולים שנתיים 🎵 | הצחוקייה 7 | ניקלודיאון

נאיה פדרמן מתחילה לעשות סטנד אפ | הצחוקייה 7 | ניקלודיאון

דרור טייכנר בסטנד אפ על משחקים | הצחוקייה 7 | ניקלודיאון

Una Casa de Locos | ¡Plan de huida! | España | Nickelodeon en Español

Los Loud llegan tarde y Lincoln tiene que ayudar a sus hermanas si quieren llegar a la escuela a tiempo.

Умизуми | Нету молока | Nick Jr. Россия

С чем лучше всего есть хлопья? Конечно же с молоком!

SpongeBob SquarePants - "Old Man Patrick" Title Card (Polish)

As Aventuras de Kid Danger | Viagem de carro | Brasil | Nickelodeon em Português

Qual seria o seu nome numa viagem de carro?

MYSTICONS DIY: Friendship Bracelets | #MYSTICONS


Peppa Pig | Lapins comme cochons | NICKELODEON JUNIOR FRANCE

Peppa et George rendent visite à Jessica Rabbit.

Henry Danger | Comme un poisson solo ! | Nickelodeon France

Henry s'infiltre en solo dans une animalerie pour stopper une prise d'otages.

Rusty Rivets | Rusty's Spaceship | Nick Jr. UK

Liam builds his very own spaceship and asks Rusty if he can fix its' laser light for him, but that's not the only modification he makes!

I Am Frankie | Water Allergy | Nickelodeon UK

Frankie gets to grips with her new stomach, and survives an unintentional water attack.

Horrid Henry - The Early Shift | Cartoons For Children | Horrid Henry Full Episodes | HFFE

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Henry Danger | Disfarce de Palhaço | Portugal | Nickelodeon em Português

O Capitão Man e o Henry Jasper devem entrar na festa dos miúdos vestidos de palhaços, mas serão reconhecidos?

Game Shakers | Die Filmrolle | Nickelodeon Deutschland

Während Babe einen neuen Weg findet, um Werbung für die Game Shakers zu machen, greift Double G zu drastischen Mitteln, um eine Filmrolle zu ergattern.

Rock Academy | Freddy rejoint le groupe | Nickelodeon Teen France

Freddy est renvoyé de l'école d'Acapella et retourne à la Rock Academy.

Henry Danger | Un día en la vida de un superhéroe | España | Nickelodeon en Español

¡Cada día aparece un nuevo problema en el mundo de Henry Danger y Captain Man!

Мой шумный дом | Новый сосед | Nickelodeon Россия

Линн поссорилась с Люси и теперь вынуждена ночевать в другой комнате.

Henry Danger | Avventura in furgone | Nickelodeon Italia

Mal di denti, malviventi e fan scatenate per Kid Danger e Capitan Man!

Wayside S02E08 - Kidswatter's Opus/The Three Erics

Wayside S02E07 - Le Race/Imperfect Attendance

Hunter Street | New Sibling | Nickelodeon UK

The Hunter kids are about to get themselves a new sister, but she's still quite shy around them.

את מי נאיה פדרמן מחליפה בצחוקייה? | הצחוקייה 7 | ניקלודיאון

נגה ד'אנג'לי - כל כך רציתי לכתוב להיט 🎵 | הצחוקייה 7 | ניקלודיאון

אמיר הורוביץ האילוזיוניסט | הצחוקייה 7 | ניקלודיאון

SpongeBob SquarePants - "Fun-Sized Friends" Title Card (Polish)



Vragen Vuren Aan... jouw favoriete sterren! ⭐ | TubeTube | Nickelodeon Nederlands

Kijk hoe jouw favoriete sterren de strijd met elkaar aan gaan in de nieuwe TubeTube show 'Vragen Vuren Aan...'

🔴 Em Direto: Thundermans | Quem é o Melhor Super-herói? ⚡️ | Portugal | Nickelodeon em Português

Cada um tem as suas habilidades, mas quem é o melhor?

🔴 EN DIRECTO: Los Thunderman | Tiempo libre ☀️ | España | Nickelodeon en Español

Mientras todo el mundo comienza sus vacaciones, ¿cómo los Thunderman pasan tiempo de calidad juntos?

🔴 NU LIVE: Henry Danger | Een dag in het leven van een superheld | Nickelodeon Nederlands

Elke dag is er wel een nieuw probleem in de wereld van Henry Danger en Captain Man!

🔴 Cosmo & Wanda: Wenn Elfen helfen | Das Beste von Timmys Vater 2 | Nickelodeon Deutschland

Timmys Vater ist ziemlich tollpatschig, aber auch lustig. Hier sind seine witzigsten Momente!

🔴 IN ONDA ORA: I Thunderman | Eroe modello... 🤔 | Nickelodeon Italia

Chi è il vostro idolo?

Regal Academy | Season 2 - Top 5 school moments!

Pumpkin seeds!
Enjoy the top 5 school moments at the Regal Academy! Choose your favorite one and share your choice in the comments section below!

Shimmer and Shine | The Mysterious Tower | Nick Jr. UK

The genies decide to split up in a mysterious tower. Will it be a good idea? BOOM Zahramay!

Horrid Henry - Peter's Piggy Bank | Cartoons For Children | Horrid Henry Full Episodes | HFFE

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Harvey Beaks | Defensor da Floresta | Portugal | Nickelodeon em Português

Há um reparador mágico que pode reparar qualquer coisa na floresta.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : les Tortues Ninja | Formation Tortue ! | Nickelodeon France

Lord Dregg envoie ses troupes à l'assaut ! Les tortues doivent prouver leur valeur.

Shimmer & Shine | Tisseuses de bonne aventure | NICKELODEON JUNIOR FRANCE

Shimmer et Shine apprennent à tisser un nouveau tapis volant.

Отважные птенцы | Бумеранг | Nick Jr. Россия

Свифт решает воспользоваться функцией бумеранга у своего Скоролёта, чтобы обогнать других кадетов.

Bob Esponja | Erizo en la cocina | Español | Nickelodeon en Español

¿Cuánto ruido puede hacer un erizo? ¡Mucho si está en la cocina de Krusty el Cangrejo!

Команда рыцарей | Герцогиня | Nickelodeon Россия

Арка ждёт большой сюрприз...

A casa dei Loud | Cortesie per gli ospiti | Nickelodeon Italia

A casa dei Loud gli ospiti hanno sempre ragione!

Wayside S02E10 - Myth of Nick/Dr. Dana

Wayside S02E09 - Miss Fortune/The Note

Bunsen is a Beast | Dog Show | Nickelodeon UK

Bunsen competes against Amanda's robotic pooch in a Dog Show.

10 AWESOME-EST DIVES OF DOOM | Massive Monster Mayhem

What do you think is the most EPIC Dive? Comment below!

My Opinions on 'Calarts Style' (Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Gumball, Star VS) | Butch Hartman

Talking about the 'Calarts Style'... is it real? is it a fad? what's next? Watch the video to find out my opinions on the matter!

The Loud House | Os coelhos Loud | Brasil | Nickelodeon em Português

Já imaginou como seria a vida de Lincoln se ele tivesse tantos irmãos como os coelhos?


It literally smelled so bad...


Ge-Zone-Heit!!! Spencer sprays The Zone with Ooze Mist and the Zone SNEEZES your hosts across Canada!

In this episode, Suki & Meisha get sneezed to the top of a mountain. Which mountain? Watch to find out, and join the adventure!

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