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5 Moments From the 'iCarly' Revival That Show Carly is All Grown Up

5 moments from the iCarly revival that show Carly is all grown up

Warning: Mature language and spoilers ahead!

iCarly is all grown up.

Stars Miranda Cosgrove (Carly Shay) and Nathan Kress (Freddie Benson) may not look all that much older in the Paramount+ revival, but the language sure has matured. Fans of the original Nickelodeon series already had strong reactions to Carly's brother Spencer, played by Jerry Trainor, saying "damn" in the trailer for the new series — and that's just the beginning.

While Carly and her friends are all in their 20s (expect Spencer) in the revival, some fans still aren't used to seeing the characters — who were 13 when the original iCarly premiered in 2007 — delving into adult topics like kinks, zaddies, head bitches in charge, and more. Below is a break down some of the most grown-up moments from the iCarly revival (so far).

Kinks & furries

Carly's BFSS ("Best Friend Since Sam") Harper, portrayed by Laci Mosley, is funny, unfiltered, supportive, and the reason for episode 2's - "iHate Carly" - unexpected highlight. The aspiring stylist walks in on Freddie helping Carly get out of her bunny costume after an iCarly show… and she has questions.

"Oh, y'all doing like a furry thing?" Harper asks, intrigued. "Don't worry, I'm not here to kink shame your fursona."

Later in the episode, she's wearing the suit while chasing after her date, who's fleeing the apartment in disgust (it's implied Harper wore the costume during an intimate situation). Who knew a furry joke could get so much mileage on iCarly?

"watching the new icarly and the phrase 'kink shame your fursona' was uttered and caught me SO OFF GUARD HOW DO I PROCESS THIS" one user tweeted in surprise.

"Switch it up on a bitch"

But wait, there's more! In episode 3, "iFauxpologize," OG influencer Carly decides to capitalize on a meme of herself. She laments the "cutthroat" influencer game these days and quotes Harper, saying, "You gotta switch it up on a bitch." She quickly regrets it. "I'll never say that again," Carly says.

EagerBunny vs. PostRabbit

Episode 4, "iGot Your Back," may be the boldest in the revival, with an entire plotline revolving around Spencer accidentally hiring a sex worker to date Freddie, believing he's actually setting him up with a woman who works for an errand app. 

"We have all different types working for us, but we all know how to handle a package," the sex worker tells an oblivious Spencer at one point. When he tells her that he's "pretty desperate" to find a girl for Freddie, she says "most of the guys I work with are." 

Then, when Spencer asks if she's an actress, she says yes — "unless the guy is really hot." She even ends up calling him "zaddy. " And she gets something out of the rendezvous as well: "It's been so long since I actually talked on a date."

The actual premise of the storyline isn't wholly original, as other shows have tackled characters unwittingly hiring sex workers. But props to iCarly for not making "Ramona" the butt of the joke or shaming her profession. After Carly finally clues her brother into the woman's real profession, she mentions that her friend Anna "put herself through law school" the same way.

Still, no one enlightens Freddie, even after he notices that "Ramona" kept leaving their date "on the hour."

And over in "CarHar"-land, Harper suggests Carly wear a tux for her big event to channel "HBIC" or "head bitch in charge" energy, though Carly suggests something more "fun bitch in charge."

Hookup king

In episode 5, "iRobot Wedding," Spencer and Harper battle it out to see who can pick up more people at the wedding for Nevel Papperman (Reed Alexander), Carly's nemesis from childhood. The two go head-to-head for the title of "hookup king" — er, make that "gender-neutral monarch."

But later, it's Freddie and Carly who have the most grown-up moment in the revival so far when they have a heart-to-heart while slow dancing at the wedding. Carly got jealous that someone like Nevel could get hitched before her, and Freddie consoles her by saying it's possible to be happy and single, and "married and miserable" (he would know).

Honorable mentions include when Spencer's paramour Argentina (Christine Taylor) calls Carly a "little bitch" in episode 7, "iNeed Space" after the latter finds out she's selling data from members in her women's workspace club. Also, all the other d-words in the revival: damn, d-bag, dumbass, and more.

There's sure to be plenty more surprising and grown-up jokes as iCarly approaches its season finale in late August — plus, it's been greenlit for a season 2!

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Original source: Entertainment Weekly.

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