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Miranda Cosgrove and Nathan Kress Talk 'iCarly' Season 3

iCarly stars Miranda Cosgrove (Carly) and Nathan Kress (Freddie) reveal what they'd life to see if their hit Paramount+ series is renewed for season 3!

Miranda and Nathan Unpack the ‘iCarly’ Season 2 Cliffhanger | J-14 Magazine

Miranda and Nathan Unpack the ‘iCarly’ Season 2 Cliffhanger: ‘There's No Shortage of Love Between Carly and Freddie’ 

Miranda Cosgrove and Nathan Kress Break Down ‘iCarly’ Season 2 #Creddie Cliffhanger: ‘No Shortage of Love’

Even the iCarly leads are here for #Creddie! Miranda Cosgrove and Nathan Kress exclusively tell J-14 that there’s “no shortage of love” between their characters following the major cliffhanger during the season 2 finale, which premiered via Paramount+ on Friday, June 3.

“I think Carly’s always loved Freddie,” Miranda, 29, tells J-14. “They’re, you know, best friends. They’ve been each there for each other their entire lives. I think Carly’s always loved Freddie, but I think that she’s realizing that she might, you know, love him as more than a friend.”

During the iCarly reboot’s second season finale, Miranda helps Freddie’s girlfriend, Pearl (Mia Serafino), plan his birthday party. After Pearl gets all of Freddie’s favorite things wrong, she realizes that he and Carly need to confront their real feelings for each other.

“There’s no shortage of love between Carly and Freddie,” Nathan, 29, adds. “It’s just a question of what kind of love are we talking about exactly. Because I know that Freddie has been very upfront since, literally, the first scene of the first episode of iCarly, that he had very strong feelings for her. Obviously, in these last 10 years, since we’ve seen him, he has stifled that — gotten married twice. Hasn’t gone well. In the series now, you see maybe glimpses of him, just second guessing this sort of suppression that he’s placed on himself. After so many years of being kind of denied and friend-zoned a little bit — regardless of what he has said over and over again — I think he’s got it in his head that this is just not happening, but he’s also not willing to let Carly go as a friend.”

When it came to Freddie’s relationship with Pearl, the actor-director says his character believed this to “be a good relationship and, and something that really had a chance to kind of go the distance.” Then, Pearl addresses the elephant in the room and tells all Freddie’s birthday party guests that he is actually in love with Carly.

“It forces us to answer that question,” Nathan explains. “It forces Freddie to confront that again, when maybe he tried removing that part of his feelings from the equation for a really long time.”

In a possible third season, Nathan reveals to J-14 that it’s impossible to “ignore what just happened during that last scene.” He adds, “It’s gonna be spicy this next time around. We can’t gloss over it. There’s been a lot of leaving it up to the viewer to decide what’s going on, but we can’t do that anymore.”

Miranda, for her part, hopes for the best between Carly and Freddie.

“I’ve always felt like the character does love Freddie,” the Nickelodeon alum shares. “She, maybe, just doesn’t have the nerve to go there because it is such an important friendship. I’d like to see them together. I think that they could [work], especially as adults. I feel like it was more problematic when they were kids. Maybe it wouldn’t have been the right time, but I sort of feel like now in this series, it’s getting to be like a better moment and time for them and it, it might work out.”


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Originally published: June 01, 2022.

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