Friday, August 19, 2022

'iCarly' Alum Jennette McCurdy Addresses Her Potential Return To Acting

Jennette McCurdy reveals that writing her memoir has helped her heal from her traumas, and she could return to acting in the foreseeable future.

Jennette McCurdy has revealed that she could return to acting. McCurdy rose to prominence with her breakthrough role as Sam Puckett in the smash-hit Nickelodeon sitcom iCarly (2007–2012). The actor later reprised her role in the spin-off series Sam & Cat, but after the show ended, McCurdy exited Nickelodeon. She stayed in Hollywood for a while, producing and writing her own web series What's Next for Sarah?, and starring in movies and TV shows including Pet, Little Bitches, and Between. But, by 2017, she began distancing herself from the entertainment industry and in 2020 she announced her complete retirement from acting.

Later, on the podcast Empty Inside, McCurdy opened up before Anna Faris about why she left Hollywood. She revealed that she had been forced into stardom by her mother. She detailed that she was embarrassed and dissatisfied with her roles, and, hence, wasn't keen on pursuing acting. Later in August 2022, McCurdy published her memoir I'm Glad My Mom Died, where she further elaborated on how her mother and "The Creator" abused her, while discussing her struggles with early-age alcoholism, eating disorders, and sexual harassment. She elaborated that she left acting for the sake of her mental health, and it was also the reason why she did not return for the iCarly reboot.

Now, in a conversation with THR, McCurdy talks about her potential return to acting. As the actress notes, she wants to focus on writing and directing at the moment, but acting is also something she could reconsider as her opening up about her troubles in the memoir has helped her heal and deal with her bad memories from her time in Hollywood. Read what McCurdy said below.

“I definitely want to focus on writing and directing. But as a result of the healing that happened due to the writing of the book, I think I’ve been able to open the door to acting in some way.”

Considering everything that McCurdy has been through, it's reassuring to learn that the actress has been able to recover and come to terms with her traumas through her memoir. The struggles McCurdy has cataloged about her time doing TV and films have sparked serious conversations about the mistreatment of junior artists in Hollywood, and from her memoir it's clear that her acting career has scarred her for life. Yet the actor has shown a lot of courage; she has spoken openly about her abuse and her gradual healing from the wounds inflicted on her at a very early age. With the progress the star has made, she seems confident that she can now return to her professional home ground and exercise the creative talents that fans have been yearning for all these years.

The new comments from McCurdy offer hope to those who have missed her screen presence since she retired from acting. Besides being a powerful performer, McCurdy has also impressed the masses with her writing and work behind the camera, so it would be quite regrettable if a talented star like her quits the entertainment industry entirely. McCurdy endured a lot when she last acted, but hopefully, if she returns to acting her experience would be positive and she'd use her experiences to ensure newcomers don't go through what she did. That said, McCurdy's potential return to acting is an exciting update for iCarly fans; the actor maintains a cordial relationship with all of her colleagues from the show, so if she is indeed returning to acting, the idea of her making an appearance on the iCarly reboot doesn't seem so far-fetched. The important thing is the actor finally has the hope and freedom she long deserved, and she can finally make decisions and do the things she wants without compromising her mental or physical health.

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Original source: ScreenRant.

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