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'Invader ZIM' and 'AAAHH!!! Real Monsters' Join The Nickelodeon NFT Splat Factory

Via the official RECUR blog:

Foreman’s Log: Aliens and Monsters and Mashups, Oh My!

Get ready for Nickelodeon Season 2.

October 21, 2022

Nickelodeon Splat Factory foreman here. As the factory manager, I’m happy to report that Season 1 is in the books and ‘90s nostalgia is back.

Nickelodeon’s inaugural drop brought us back to the Rugrats and Hey Arnold! from our past. We laughed. We slimed. We combined our favorite characters to create unique mashups. It was a huge success thanks to fans from 197 countries across the world!

The drop sold out almost immediately–claiming the number one spot on OpenSea with over $3.25M in secondary sales in under 24 hours. And when challenges went live, all slime was claimed in 90 minutes, with less than a quarter of mashups remaining.

Now, as the spookier months approach, I’ve begun preparing for Season 2 with more Nicktoons, more slime, and more opportunities to collect crazy rare mashups.

But before I could get the belts turning, some unexpected visitors arrived.

Certain prying eyes (in-hands) and other worldly invaders saw the power of The Splat Factory. Mischief and mayhem are rampant, and the factory has been plunged into chaos. What are these characters from Invader Zim and AAAHH!!! Real Monsters stirring up?

Here’s what I know…

Starting November 7th, 10,000 TV Packs will be available on for $50 each. Early fans will be able to trade them for slime, which can then be collected and exchanged for one of 500 ultra-rare character mashups.

When I asked if they had any demands, Zim and The Gromble spoke up.

Zim decreed that RECUR Pass holders and Nickelodeon Season 1 NFT holders will have a greater chance of receiving a Season 2 allowlist code.

Not to be outdone, The Gromble said he plans to give all Season 1 OpenSea auction holders and Mashup holders a free Season 2 TV Pack.

That’s all I know for now. It’s probably best we play along until they finish what they’re doing.

Stay tooned for more info and never miss a drop by joining the Nickelodeon NFT community on Discord and Twitter.


Foreman’s Log: It’s Almost Slime… Season 2 TV Packs Are En Route

Nickelodeon Season 2 drop details are here!

The Splat Factory is quiet but the stench screams in my nostrils.

On the bright side, the trash left behind by Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm has clogged the conveyor belts and halted further production of new TV Packs. Even amidst the chaos, 10,500 packs made it through the line.

Unfortunately, as GIR was distracting me (there’s just something about that dang Doom Song), Zim was able to beam the completed TV Packs onto his ship and he flew off toward the marketplace.

While assessing the damage, I found that GIR spilt a chocolate bubblegum slushie on the main console. And what did I find stuck to it? A note written in Zim’s native Irken that, when deciphered, outlined Zim’s plans for global domination. Here’s what it said:

Zim’s Evil Plan:

Phase 1 — Complete

  • Team up with monsters ✅
  • Surprise puny Foreman ✅
  • Take over The Splat Factory ✅

Phase 2 — Complete

  • Have GIR distract the Foreman ✅
  • Obtain TV Pack creations ✅
  • Escape like a squak in my shmoopsquizz ✅

Phase 3 — In Progress

  • Release TV Packs to pitiful humans ⬜️

How I’ll sell TV Packs to pitiful humans:

  • Total Packs: 10,500
  • Pass Holder & Allowlist Packs: 6,000
  • Public Packs: 4,000
  • Marketing & Community Packs: 500
  • Price per Pack: $50

11/1 at 12pm ET — Snapshots

An Allowlist Snapshot Protocol will execute on the Earth date and time stated above.

This snapshot documents specific humans so I can give them guaranteed access to a Season 2 TV Pack. These humans will automatically qualify for my minion program should they meet any of the following criteria:

Season 1 Mashup holders — (1 free TV Pack per Mashup)

Because you understand the power of a Mashup, I can trust you’ll make a loyal minion. For this, you’ll be rewarded with 1 FREE TV Pack for each hideous revealed Mashup in your possession. (No sealed packs allowed, humans.)

Season 1 auction holders — (1 free TV Pack per character)

Oh yes, I see you, HUMAN WHALES! Although I don’t understand the benefit of being both a human and a whale, I’m very pleased to see you living the mashup mentality. Plus, your drive to win something is unmatched in your species. You will receive 1 FREE TV PACK PER AUCTION CHARACTER HELD!

RECUR Pass Holder — (1 allowlist code per qualifying Pass)

Because I am vastly generous, new minion hires with a RECUR Pass will get one allowlist code for every eligible Pass they hold with specific evil traits as defined below.

Passes must meet at least one of the following evil qualifications:

  • Most Occurring Color: Purple
  • Longest Sequence: 3, 4, or 5
  • Digit Sum: 1, 2, 3, 40, 41, or 42
  • Color Set: Monochrome
  • Property Tag: Unity, Zero, Perfect, Pi, Fibonacci, Binary, Cube, or Square

Find an eligible RECUR Pass here before the snapshot. holders — (1 allowlist code per pair of eligible character and RECUR Pass)

I’ll also extend allowlist codes to holders if they hold both:

  • Any RECUR Pass
  • A Nickelodeon Season 1 character with a Slime Score of 3 or greater OR with any VFX attribute

11/7 at 11am ET — RECUR Pass Holder & holder (minion) allowlist sale

You minions who are eligible for the allowlist sale will receive your allowlist code(s) on 11/7 prior to the start of the sale. Each code can be used to purchase one TV Pack from 11/7 at 11am ET to 11/8 at 10:59am ET.

Any unsold TV Packs from the allowlist sale will become available in the RECUR Pass Holder advanced sale.

11/8 at 1pm ET — RECUR Pass Holder advanced window sale

All RECUR Pass Holders will get early access to purchase TV Packs. The sale will last for an hour, as long as the Pass Holder allocated packs are available.

Any remaining TV Packs at the end of the Pass Holder sale will roll into the public sale.

  • 11/8 at 2pm ET — General public sale
  • 11/9 — Assess invasion force


Phase 4 — In Progress

  • Exchange for our newly created Slime ⬜️

Phase 5 — In Progress

  • Create mashups to take over the world ⬜️
  • Laugh maniacally with GIR for an extended time ⬜️

Let’s see how his plans pan out. In the meantime, I’ll be here cleaning and humming that Doom Song.

If you have drop questions or monster sightings to report, please direct them to my friends in Discord or on Twitter.

Factory Foreman signing off… Doomdoomdeedoooom. Doomdoomdeedoomdoom.


Paramount+ access for Rugrats and Hey Arnold! holders πŸ“Ί

Eligible holders of Rugrats and Hey Arnold! NFTs on November 7th at 5pm ET will receive free or discounted limited time access to Paramount+!

Relive your Saturday morning routines and stream all your favorite Rugrats and Hey Arnold! episodes in one place.

Update (11/14) from the official RECUR blog:

Foreman’s Log: So. Much. Slime.

The next Slime challenge is almost here!

Hey there! Splat Factory Foreman here.

Hot off the heels of the Season 2 drop, all Zim could rant about was the power of his ultra-rare Mashups. It appears Zim is following the same formula as Season 1.

With his corrupted Slime in tow, I can’t help but feel like he’s close to completing his ultimate Plan.

Here’s what I know:


November 17 at 2pm ET / 11am PT


  • Holders of Invader Zim and AAAHH!!! Real Monsters characters can exchange their characters to receive Slime collectibles equal to their character’s Slime Score.
  • The Slime Score is listed on your digital collectible as a unique trait ranging from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10 Slime.
  • Collect 10 Slime now, and later you can trade them in for an ultra-rare Invader Zim and AAAHH!!! Real Monsters Mashup TV Pack!
  • Slime collected from the Rugrats and Hey Arnold! season cannot be used to create an Invader Zim and AAAHH!!! Real Monsters mashup.


Holders that trade (burn) their characters will forever remove them from the ecosystem.


November 21 at 2pm ET / 11am PT

Now, I know these scary monsters and alien Mashups help Zim with his plan. But darn it if I don’t want one for myself. If I got a Mashup with GIR, I’d forever be reminded of that intoxicating Doom Song.

One can dream.

Have questions about Slime or the state of the Splat Factory? Join our Discord here.


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Originally published: October 21, 2022.

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