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If SpongeBob was an Anime | "Graveyard Shift" | SpongeBob: Reimagined | SpongeBob SquarePants Official

If SpongeBob was an Anime | "Graveyard Shift" | SpongeBob: Reimagined | SpongeBob SquarePants Official

10 ten anime villains of all time definitely has to include the Hash-Slinging Slasher in it. Get ready to see the SpongeBob and Squidward's power levels increase to the max in this reimagining of the episode "Graveyard Shift" as an anime!

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A Cartuna Production
Animation Director: Bobby Brian ""B3X"" Barredo
Operations Supervisor: Edwin ""dwinbotp"" David
Production Supervisor: Charles Raymund ""Mack"" Mijares
Production Assistant: Renzo Evangelista
Production Assistant: Jenny Canceran
Concept Art and Design: Bobby Brian "B3X" Barredo
Concept Art and Design: Edwin "dwinbotp" David
Storyboard Artist: Bobby Brian "B3X" Barredo
Storyboard Artist: Edwin "dwinbotp" David
Animation Supervisor: Bobby Brian "B3X" Barredo
Lead Animator: Roberto Bernardo
Animation Checker: Angelo "Shin" Paular
Animator: Angelo "Shin" Paular
Animator: Tresthia Kay Sarte
Animator: Grace "AoYume" Balauro
Animator: Roberto Bernardo
Animator: Bobby Brian "B3X" Barredo
Animator: Rdward Sta. Ana
Assistant Animator: DJ Rhaff
Assistant Animator: Jamiruth Ong
Assistant Animator: Gilbert "Labo" Obal
Assistant Animator: Greg Peralta Jr.
Assistant Animator: Cess Beltran
Assistant Animator: Justin "Wenskiart" dela Cruz
Assistant Animator: Lyca Marie "Lyckzx" Recio
Assistant Animator: Crysallis Delos Reyes
Assistant Animator: Renzo Evangelista
Assistant Animator: Jenny Canceran
Assistant Animator: Timmy Jo Fajardo
Assistant Animator: Roberto Sales
Assistant Animator: Diana Rotante
Backgrounds Supervisor: Alfonse "Poncheetos" Rulloda
Background Artist: Grace "AoYume" Balauro
Background Artist: DJ Rhaff
Background Artist: Lyca Marie "Lyckzx" Recio
Background Artist: Jamiruth Ong
Background Artist: Justin "Wenskiart" dela Cruz
Background Artist: Timmy Jo Fajardo
Animatic, Compositing and Editing: Gabe Godwin
Animatic, Compositing and Editing: Avery McDonnell
Supervising Produce: Monica Mazel
Producer: Noah Pardo
Executive Producer: Adam Belfer
Executive Producer: James Belfer

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Originally published: November 23, 2022.

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