Saturday, December 24, 2022

Avatar Studios’ Slates New Movies and Shows, Zuko and Kyoshi Films Still in the Works

Avatar Studios is slated to release an animated movie to theaters as well as an animated show on Paramount+ every year beginning in 2025, Avatar News is reporting!

Avatar Studios' current animated slate is concretely planned to cover the first three years (2025-2027) but there are more projects than slots in development so it will likely continue beyond that as well if the franchise is successful.

To get an idea of how the currently planned slate will work, the release schedule looks like this:


- Animated movie: adult Gaang - 10.10.2025
- Animated show: next Earth Avatar


- Animated movie
- Animated show


- Animated movie
- Animated show

It's currently unknown whether the shows will be cumulative, i.e. whether 2026 will have Season 2 of the Earth Avatar show AND Season 1 of the 2026 show, however, the 2025 show and 2026 show are expected to be two different things, so either the 2025 earth Avatar series will be a one-year limited series, or 2026 will have both and 2027 will potentially have all three. (The 2026 show is NOT a mainline entry in the franchise, however, with Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko reportedly saying that they exploring different mediums, styles, audiences, and this one is more of a side project.)

Additionally, Avatar News has given some updates of previously reported Avatar Studios projects:

The Zuko movie still exists and is separate from the adult Gaang movie

For a long time it’s been unclear whether the “project with a Zuko-focused story” and the adult Gaang movie were the same thing or not. Paramount has confirmed that they are two separate movies. The film is currently undated, but it’s fairly safe to assume that the Zuko movie is still second in the slate, meaning 2026.

The Kyoshi movie still exists and is now undated

A Kyoshi movie was said to be in development, and was one of Avatar Studios' earlier projects in the works earlier this year. Based on the wider picture of the slate, it seems that it has been delayed to outside of the first-three-years slate and is now undated, which in this case means actually undated and post-2027.

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