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August 2023 on Nick Jr. Global: Bossy Bear | Blue's Clues & You!

Below is a round-up of Nick Jr. Global's programming highlights for August 2023!

Bossy Bear

More Highlights:

About Nick Jr. Global and this guide: Nick Jr. Global is available in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), Germany (Deutschland), New Zealand, Africa, Poland (Polska), Flanders (Vlaanderen), Wallonia (Wallonie), Denmark (Danmark), Sweden (Sverige), Norway (Norge), Arabia (جَزِيرَةُ الْعَرَب), Turkey (Türkiye), the Czech Republic (Česká republika), the Netherlands (Nederland), and the Middle East. Nick Jr. Global is divided into various feeds, including an ad-less EMEA feed, which doesn't feature commercials, and two "COMM" feeds, featuring advertisements. Most feeds share a similar schedule. Based on Nick Jr. Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) schedule. All times CET. Please check local listings for localised air times. Unless otherwise noted, localised episode titles are Hungarian (Magyar).

NickALive! has a active Mapping Planet Nickelodeon side project, which aims to detail which country gets what feed. If you can help, let me know!

--- This August, Nick Junior Global will be airing:

-- Brand new episodes of Blue's Clues & You! season four:

- 2023-08-01 20:00 4x08 Magenta's Thank You Day Surprise (A Köszönöm nap)
- 2023-08-02 20:00 4x09 Firefighter Blue to the Rescue! (Azúr, a tűzoltó)
- 2023-08-03 20:00 4x10 Knights of the Snack Table

"Blue's Clues & You!" is locally titled "Azúrkék nyomok és te" in Hungary and "Pe urmele lui Blues"/"Ghicitoarea lui Bleu" in Romania.

-- Brand new episodes of Bossy Bear:

- 2023-08-14 08:15 1x01 Ultimate Hype Bear / The Chrysalis Crew / Just Say No
- 2023-08-15 08:15 1x07a Ultra Shell and Wonder Bear (Ultra Páncél és Szupermaci ()
- 2023-08-16 08:15 1x07b You Ain't Seen Nothing Yeti (Ez nem semmi, Jeti!)
- 2023-08-17 08:15 1x07c Powerless (Áram nélkül)
- 2023-08-18 08:15 1x08a Spectacular Skating Spectacular (Átványos koris látványosság)
- 2023-08-21 08:15 1x08b Gran-Gran Dreams of Japchae (Nagyi Japchae-ről álmodik)
- 2023-08-22 08:15 1x08c Snow Party (Hó parti)
- 2023-08-23 08:15 1x09a New Squid on the Block
- 2023-08-24 08:15 1x09b Boss Bissy
- 2023-08-25 08:15 1x09c To BFF or Not to BFF

"Bossy Bear" is locally titled "Diri maci" in Hungary.

-- Special marathons:

- 2023-08-07/08/09/10/11/14/15/16/17/18 12:30-14:45 The Fast and the Furry marathon: Blaze and the Monster Machines, Bossy Bear and PAW Patrol

- 2023-08-21/22/23/24/25/28/29/30/31 The Best of Rubble

Programming Notes:

- Nick Jr. Global will premiere Rubble & Crew in September 2023!

Nick Jr. CEE (Polish) - The Fast and The Furriest Marathon - Promo (August 2023)

Nick Jr. CEE (Polish) - Bossy Bear - Promo (August 2023)

Bossy Bear Promo August 2023 nick jr. Global (Germany)

A mancs őrjárat: Rubble legjobbjai-maraton (2023. augusztus) | Nick Jr.

Rubble és a brigád: új sorozat (2023. szeptember) | Nick Jr.

Originally published: July 30, 2023.

Original source: Mentrum.

augusztusi; A gyors és a szőrös-maraton: Láng és a szuperverdák, Diri maci, A mancs őrjárat; Rubble legjobb epizódjai.

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