Monday, August 14, 2023

'Baldur's Gate 3' Pays Tribue To Iconic 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' Character With Fun Easter Egg

Geezer Loryss has had quite enough of monks ruining his day.

The Cabbage Merchant in Avatar: The Last Airbender

Baldur's Gate 3 is absolutely massive, meaning developer Larian Studios has had plenty of opportunities to sneak in a few fun references and easter eggs to other pieces of media that may have influenced their work at some point. There are the usual suspects included, such as Lord of the Rings, though it seems like there may be a few fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender at Larian as well, as fans have recently discovered what looks to be a cheeky nod to one of the show's most iconic characters.

First shared to the Baldur's Gate 3 subreddit by u/Persies, you may come across a cranky old man called Geezer Loryss on your adventure, who you'll find shouting about how some thieves have damaged his property. The property in question is an overturned wagon that was once full of cabbages, and if you've watched Avatar: The Last Airbender at any point, you'll no doubt recognize the reference.

Cabbage Merchant reference in Baldur's Gate 3

For those still confused, this is a running joke in Avatar: The Last Airbender, as the Gaang often find themselves coming into contact with a the Cabbage Merchant who always ends up having his produce destroyed in increasingly ridiculous manners, often yelling "MY CABBAGES!". There's even references to him in The Legend of Korra too, as he's arrested for shady dealings as the head of the big business Cabbage Corp. That's how deep the joke runs. The character is so iconic that he's also had his own Funko Pop! vinyl figure and board game!

Of course, this could all be passed off as a coincidence, it's not like the sheer sight of a cabbage in a video game is a deliberate reference to Avatar. However, things get a little more convincing if you talk to poor ol' Geezer Loryss while playing as a monk, as he'll immediately notice that you're "one of those monastic types" and tell you to stay away from his cabbages, as "your sort have done enough damage as is".

Again, for those that don't know, Aang from The Last Airbender is actually a monk as well. Now that we know that Geezer Loryss is a downtrodden cabbage salesman that has an unexplained hatred of monks, it seems very likely that someone at Larian is a great admirer of Avatar and wanted to pay tribute to one of the show's most unfortunate souls.

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Source: TheGamer; H/T: Alfa Beta Juega; Additional source: u/Allfunandgaymes.

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