Wednesday, August 01, 2012

August 2012 On Nickelodeon Asia - The Premieres Of The Brand New Nickelodeon Show "Fred: The Show", The Brand New Nickelodeon Original TV Movie "Rags", And The Brand New "Dora The Explorer" Special "Dora's Fantastic Gymnastics Adventure", Plus More!

According to Nickelodeon Asia's "TV Shows - What's New?" section on the official Nickelodeon Asia website,, here are Nickelodeon South East Asia's August 2012 highlights for "August on Nickelodeon Asia":
Shows - What's New?

Fred : The Show (Premiere)
Thu & Fri, starting August 9 @ 5:00pm (MY (Nickelodeon Malaysia), SG (Nickelodeon Singapore)), 8:00pm (PH (Nickelodeon Philippines))

Fred Figglehorn is a fast-talking, hyperactive teenager. Find out how he manages to complete all his adventurers with a whole new bundle of blunders!

Rags (TV Movie Special)
Monday, August 20 @ 11:00am (MY (Nickelodeon Malaysia), SG (Nickelodeon Singapore) & PH (Nickelodeon Philippines))

Rags, a music-infused modern-day fairy tale where Charlie Prince, an orphan whose dream of being a singer might come true after he meets pop star Kadee Worth.

Dora the Explorer : Fantastic Gymnastics Adventure (Premiere)
Friday, August 31 @ 9:30am (MY (Nickelodeon Malaysia), SG (Nickelodeon Singapore)), 10:00am (PH (Nickelodeon Philippines))

Join Dora and Boots on their adventure to get the special rainbow ribbon from Swiper in time for the Fantastic Gymnastics Show!

Don't miss these shows

Ni Hao Kai-Lan: Princess Kai-Lan (New Episode)
Sunday, August 12 @ 07:10am

The foxes and bears who live there won't talk to each other and there's only one person who can help them become friends - Kai-lan! Kai-lan and her friends set off on a magical adventure with the Monkey King to help the Fox King and Bear Queen work out their differences.

Bubble Guppies : X Marks the Spot (New Episode)
Monday, August 27 @ 5:10pm (MY (Nickelodeon Malaysia), SG (Nickelodeon Singapore))

Ahoy, mateys! Set sail on a pirate adventure with Gil, Molly and their Guppy friends as they help a friendly pirate to use a treasure map to find where X marks the spot!