Saturday, September 22, 2012

Nickelodeon Asia Launches "InstaSlime" Competition

Nickelodeon Asia has announced on their official Nickelodeon website,, that Nickelodeon Asia has launched a brand new and exclusive Nickelodeon competition called "InstaSlime", where, between Monday 17th September and Sunday 30th September 2012, Nickelodeon Asia is asking viewers in Malaysia and Singapore aged between 6 and 14 to keep a look out on their televisions while they're watching Nickelodeon for slime to pour across the screen. Once they've spotted Nickelodeon's famous green slime oozing across their TV screens, Nickelodeon is asking Nick Heads to grab a camera and take a photograph of themselves in front of their slimy television screens and then head to Nickelodeon Asia's official "InstaSlime" contest webpage at to upload their pictures to enter Nick Asia's special "InstaSlime" to win the chance for their photograph to appear on Nickelodeon, and well as the chance to win the Grand Prize (1st Prize) - a special cruise trip on Nickelodeon At Sea, onboard Star Cruise's Superstar Virgo or Superstar Libra! You can find more information about and enter Nickelodeon Asia's "InstaSlime" competition here on Nick Asia's official "InstaSlime" competition webpage at

Also, below is a online streaming video (with transcript) of Nickelodeon Asia's brand new "How To InstaSlime" 'how to' promo/trailer featuring a step-by-step guide on how to enter Nickelodeon's "InstaSlime" competition:

How To InstaSlime

Step 1: Watch Nickelodeon from September 17th to 30th.

Step 2: Have your camera's handy.

Step 3: When your screen goes green, snap a way!

You can do The Sel-ca, which means take your own pic! [Cheese!]

The Shoot Me.

The Click And Run

Or even The Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Step 4: Send your most creative Slime pics to

Your photo could appear on Nickelodeon! Plus, you could win a cruise trip on Nickelodeon At Sea, onboard Star Cruise's Superstar Virgo or Libra!

Now you know how to InstaSlime, so keep your camera's ready, and you're eyes glued to Nickelodeon!
Also, below is a second online streaming video clip (and transcript) featuring another of Nickelodeon Asia's "InstaSlime" promos/trailers:

[SpongeBob SquarePants: Want to see something cool?

Patrick Star: You bet!]

Here's your chance to get InstaSlime'd!

[Sandy Cheeks: Wow!]

Watch Nickelodeon from September 17th to 30th.

[SpongeBob: I can do that blindfolded!]

Snap a pic of yourself, and the TV, when your screen gets InstaSlime'd.

Then you could get slimed for real on Nickelodeon At Sea, onboard Star Cruise's Super Star Cruise's Superstar Virgo or Libra!

[Dora Marquez to Boots the Monkey: Fantástico !]

Log on to to get your slime on!

[Diego Márquez: Yay!]

Brought to you by Nickelodeon!