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Nickelodeon News Round-Up - Issue 43: Global Edition

Below is a round-up of aweslime Nickelodeon International news and highlights!

June 2016 on Nickelodeon Central and Eastern Europe (CEE):

This June, Nick CEE will be premiering:

- Brand-new episodes of "Alvinnn! és a mókusok":

2016-06-13 18:00 1x14a Fő a biztonság (Safety Third)
2016-06-14 18:00 1x14b Makulátlan mókusmodor (Mister Manners)
2016-06-15 18:00 1x15a A faház (The Tree House)
2016-06-16 18:00 1x15b Mentsük meg Simont! (Saving Simon)
2016-06-17 18:00 1x16a Vissza a suliba! (Back to School)
2016-06-20 18:00 1x16b Bar/átok (Bromance)
2016-06-21 18:00 1x17a Saját szoba (A Room for One's Own)
2016-06-22 18:00 1x17b A terelő verseny (Carts and Crafts)
2016-06-23 18:00 1x18a Légy zöld! (Going Green)
2016-06-24 18:00 1x18b Az árulkodós (Tattle Tale)
2016-06-27 18:00 1x19b Szuperhősök (Super Heroes)
2016-06-28 18:00 1x19a Csak stílusosan (She's Got Style)

- Brand-new episodes of "Bella és a Bulldogok" season two:

2016-06-05 19:45 2x03 Személyi hiba (Personal Foul)
2016-06-12 19:45 2x04 Sporthét (Rally Week)

- Brand-new episodes of "Harvey Beaks" ("Csőrös Harvey"):

2016-06-20 18:30 1x20 Gőzdimenzió / Jeti randi (Steamgate / Yeti Ready)
2016-06-21 18:30 1x21a Terimaci (Terrybear)
2016-06-22 18:30 1x21b Gokartverseny (Bark-Kart)
2016-06-23 18:30 1x22a Wade jobb fej, mint Dade (Wade is Cooler than Dade)
2016-06-24 18:30 1x22b A kastély a király (King of the Castle)
2016-06-27 18:30 1x23a Fifu nyelv (Foofee)
2016-06-28 18:30 1x23b Ki a legjobb barát? (Why Are You Even Friends?)
2016-06-29 18:30 1x24a A büntetés (The Punishment)
2016-06-30 18:30 1x26b A Foo cipő (Foo Shoes) - évadzáró (season one finale)

- Brand-new episodes of "Dora and Friends: Into the City" ("Dóra és barátai"):

2016-06-03 10:50 2x05 Kókusz birthday (Coconut Cumpleaños)
2016-06-10 10:50 2x10 Az éjszakai varázscirkusz (Gymnastics Tournament of Light)
2016-06-17 10:50 2x03 A balerina és a trollherceg (The Ballerina and the Troll Prince)

- Brand-new episodes of "Sanjay és Craig" season three:

2016-06-01 14:50 3x01b Susogó sugallat (Lundgren Loner)
2016-06-02 14:50 3x02a Baró bringa (Bike-o-Psycho)
2016-06-03 14:50 3x02b Mágneses kígyó (Boulder Rollers)
2016-06-06 14:50 3x04a Gityó-hősök (Guitar Zero)
2016-06-07 14:50 3x04b A Heartyface üdvöskéje (Heartyface)
2016-06-08 14:50 3x03a (Galaxy Geeks)
2016-06-09 14:50 3x03b Kispofi (Freaks and Cheeks)
2016-06-10 14:50 3x07a Jó arc Noodman (Dude Snake Nood)
2016-06-13 14:50 3x07b Farszikla (Butt Rock Falls)
2016-06-14 14:50 3x08a Húsmix (All Night Bummer Party)
2016-06-15 14:50 3x08b Bulirob visszatér (Partybot Returns)
2016-06-16 14:50 3x09a Pompás munka (Paper Pushers)
2016-06-17 14:50 3x09b Toll a szárnyban (Bros of a Feather)
2016-06-20 14:50 3x11a Tekeredik a kígyó (Ain't No Fang)
2016-06-21 14:50 3x11b Baldalzerac (Baldalzerac)
2016-06-22 14:50 3x10b Versenyverda (All Couped Up)
2016-06-23 14:50 3x10a Törj és zúzz (Master Smashers)
2016-06-24 14:50 3x12 Kaszkadőrsuli (Stunt School Special)

- Brand-new episodes of "Shimmer és Shine, a dzsinn testvérek":

2016-06-24 05:20 1x19 Szökött kecske (Escape Goat)

- Brand-new episodes from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" ("Tini Nindzsa Teknőcök") season four:

2016-06-05 18:10 4x04 Armaggon, a fejvadász (The Outlaw Armaggon)
2016-06-12 18:10 4x05 Az aeonok titka (Riddle of the Ancient Aeons)

Additionally, Nickelodeon Central and Eastern Europe will hold a "Penguins Of Madagascar" ("A Madagaszkár pingvinjei") marathon on Sunday 19th June 2016 between 13:00-17:40.

Nick CEE will also be airing a selection of Nickelodeon Original Movies and specials every Sunday at 11:20am throughout May, encored the following Saturday at 11:20am:

Sunday 5th June 2016 - Nicky Deuce
Sunday 12th June 2016 - Splitting Adam (Adam és Adam)
Sunday 12th June 2016 - Rufus: 16:20-kor (premiere) és 19-én
Sunday 26th June 2016 - Jinxed (A Murphy-átok)

Nickelodeon Central and Eastern Europe will also be making a few schedule changes in June 2016.

Source: Gyerek-Világ.

June 2016 on Nick Jr. Central and Eastern Europe (CEE):

This June, Nick Jr. CEE will be premiering:

- Brand-new episodes of "Dora and Friends: Into the City" ("Dóra és barátai"):

2016-06-04 03:30/15:30 2x05 Coconut Cumpleaños
2016-06-11 03:30/15:30 2x10 Gymnastics Tournament of Light
2016-06-18 03:30/15:30 2x03 The Ballerina and the Troll Prince

- Brand-new episodes of "Fresh Beat Band of Spies" ("Fresh Beat, a kémcsapat"):

2016-06-01 05:10/17:10 1x13 Top robot verseny (Dance Bots)
2016-06-02 05:10/17:10 1x14 A kalózkapitány kincse (Band of Pirates)
2016-06-03 05:10/17:10 1x15 Fagyos Fresh Beats (Frozen Fresh Beats)
2016-06-04 05:10/17:10 1x16 A nyulak a banánt szeretik (Bunnies Go Bananas)
2016-06-05 05:10/17:10 1x19 Trükkös tornacipő (Sneaky Sneakers)
2016-06-06 05:10/17:10 1x20 Fresh Beat babák (Fresh Beat Babies) - season one finale

Brand-new episodes of "Shimmer és Shine, a dzsinn testvérek":

2016-06-23 19:35 1x19 Szökött kecske (Escape Goat)
2016-06-30 19:35 1x20 Boldog évfordulót! (Happy Wishaversary) - season one finale.

Nick Jr. CEE will also air:

- Hold a special "PAW Patrol" ("A mancs őrjárat") marathon featuring water-themed episodes of the hit Nickelodeon Preschool series. 9-én 19:10-19:55 között és 10-én 09:10-07:55 között

- Air "Szuperóra" folytatódik hétvégente 02:10-05:00 és 14:10-17:00 között

- And will air a selection of movies and specials every Saturday at 19:10 and every Sunday at 07:10 throughout June 2016:

Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th June 2016: Dóra és barátai: Puppy Princess Rescue (Megmentsük a hercegnőt, 1x14)

Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th June 2016: Go, Diego, Go!: Diego's African Safari! (Diego afrikai szafarija)

Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th June 2016: Dóra, a felfedező: The Tale of the Unicorn King (Dóra megmenti az Unikornis királyt)

Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th June 2016: Ni hao, Kai Lan: Princess Kai-Lan (Kai Lan hercegnő)

Additionally, Nick Jr. CEE recently launched on Diginél in Hungary! Nick Jr. can now be found on all major television providers in Hungary!

Sources: Gyerek-Világ, IMDB.

June 2016 on Nickelodeon Brazil (Brasil):

This June, Nick Brasil will be premiering:

- The brand-new "Bob Esponja" episodes "Casado com o Dinheiro" (Married to Money) and "A Experiência" (Fish Bowl) on Thursday 23rd June 2016 at 17h.

- Brand-new episodes of "Harvey Breaks" Saturdays at 13h;

- Brand-new episodes of "Sanjay & Craig" Saturdays at 13h30;

- Brand-new episodes of "Breadwinners" weekdays at 16h30 from Monday 13th May 2016;

- A brand-new episode of "The Loud House" on Thursday 30th June 2016 at 17h;

- Brand-new episodes of "Bella e os Bulldogs" Mondays to Thursdays at 21h from Monday 6th June 2016;

- Brand-new episodes of "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky e Dawn" Mondays to Thursdays at 17h30 from Monday 20th June 2016;

Additionally, Nickelodeon Brasil will air a special "Dia dos Namorados" marathon on Sunday 12th June 2016 from 11h!

Source: Anime, Manga E TV.

July 2016 on Nickelodeon Africa:

Monday 18 July @ 15:45 CAT
Don't miss SwaySway and Buhdeuce as they hatch mischievous plans to have as much fun as they can while delivering bread across town. In these all-new episodes the Duck duo creates the rarest bread around, Wolf Head Bread, they enter their pet, Jelly, in the local Frog show and Buhdeuce's plan to clone himself doesn't quite work out as planned! If you can think it, these two will do it. Follow the bread boys on their latest crazy adventures!

Monday to Friday @ 08:00 CAT and 15:20 CAT
The winter school holidays are in full swing and what better way to keep warm than cosying up on the couch with some epic episodes of "Henry Danger"; "Game Shakers"; "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn" and many more. Don’t forget to bring your hot chocolate and a blanket!

Source: Entertainment Inside Us.

June 2016 on Nick Jr. Africa:

Wednesday 1 June @ 09:20
Twist, Kiki, Shout and Marina know how to entertain an audience with one of their musical gigs. But in reality, their band is actually a cover for their jobs as spies. They investigate unusual crimes with each band member possessing a unique skill that helps them solve cases.

Saturday 4 June @ 15:30
Fans of young Dora the Explorer will love the latest adventures she goes on with her new group of friends, Kate, Naiya, Emma, Alana and Pablo. They all attend school in Playa Verde. But when school’s out, they explore their city,
using Dora’s smartphone to navigate the way.

Thursday 9 June 2016 @ 19:10 and Friday 10 June @ 07:10
Watch as the adorable rescue pups Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble and Skye learn how to protect and serve. Whether it’s chasing away thieves or saving a drowning child, the Paw Patrol will be on a roll, risking life and limb to keep their neighbourhood safe.

Thursday 23 June @ 19:35
Genies in training Shimmer and Shine live in the enchanted Zahramay Falls where they go on exciting adventures with their pets Nahal and Tala. The magical lasses must learn how to grant their human friend Leah’s wishes without upsetting the natural balance, but their inexperience often leads to awkward mishaps they have to correct.


Sunday Movies

Dora and Friends: Puppy Princess Rescue
PREMIERE: Saturday, 4 June @ 19:10 and Sunday 5 June @ 07:10.

Go Diego Go!: Diego’s African Safari!
PREMIERE: Saturday 11 June @ 19:10 and Sunday 12 June @ 07:10.

Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves King Unicornio
PREMIERE: Saturday 18 June @ 19:10 and Sunday 19 June @ 07:10.

Ni Hao Kai Lan: Princess Kai Lan
PREMIERE: Saturday 25 June @ 19:10 and Sunday 26 June @ 07:10.

Sources: Entertainment Inside Us, Dora the Explorer Wiki.

Additional Nickelodeon International news and highlights:

Nickelodeon Northern Europe to premiere more brand-new episodes of "Harveys schnabelhafte Abenteuer" at 13:15 on Nickelodeon Germany (Deutschland) and Nickelodeon Austria (Österreich) and at 13:35 on Nickelodeon Switzerland (Schweiz)!

Nickelodeon HD (Middle East and North Africa) recently premiered "The Loud House", locally titled "منزل لاود"!

Nickelodeon Iberia recently premiered the brand-new "As Tartarugas Ninja"/"Las Tortugas Ninja" special "Trans-Dimensional Turtles" on Nickelodeon Portugal and Nickelodeon Spain (Espana) on Friday 27th May 2016!

Nickelodeon India to premiere brand-new episodes of "Tobot"!

Nick India to premiere brand-new episodes of "Supa Strikas"!

Nickelodeon Italia (Italia) to premiere more brand-new episodes of "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn" from Autumn/Fall 2016!

Nickelodeon Serbia to premiere "Game Shakers" in June 2016!

Nickelodeon Serbia starts to air "Larva"!
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