Friday, July 23, 2021

Nathan Kress On Paramount Plus' ‘iCarly’: ‘We Were Kind Of Ahead Of Our Time’

What’s old is new again in the world of streaming and the reboot of the hit Nickelodeon series iCarly is streaming now on Paramount+. The series starring Miranda Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor and Nathan Kress has been one of the most watched on the new ViacomCBS streaming service and it has already been greenlit for a second season.

CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith recently chatted with Kress about playing Freddie Benson again, the journey of the show, why the series resonates in 2021 and how his life now shaped the way he played the character. New episodes of iCarly release every Thursday on Paramount+ and all five seasons of the original series are also available on the streamer.

“We’re really pumped to just be able to hit the ground running and get straight into making more of this show that people seem to like,” said Kress. “Knowing that we got more to do is pretty exciting. When it went to meteoric levels on the original show, it started to become its own pop culture phenomenon.”

Words from the show were starting to get used and it was starting to become a part of pop culture. It was when social media was taking off and YouTubers were taking off and we were kind of ahead of our time in 2007 when we started. We have been part of this launching of culture. We kind of inspired a generation of kids to want to do what we were doing. The craziest part was seeing a tangible influence on culture from this thing that we were doing.”

In the revival of the series, fans learn that Kress’ character Freddie has been divorced twice and failed to get his tech startup off the ground. As a result, he and his adopted 11-year-old stepdaughter Millicent are forced to live with Freddie’s mother.

“It’s been really exciting to see how everyone’s characters have wound up in different places, but especially how Freddie’s life has not gone to plan,” said Kress. “Not many good things have happened to Freddie. It gives a great launching off point to see his life. I think the greatest shows of other eras like Friends and How I Met Your Mother, they don’t start in ideal places and that’s what makes it so satisfying to see their arc as a person and as a character.”

“One of the coolest things is that we did this show for people in their 20’s and early 30’s, who watched the show as kids like us early on. Now they’re watching a show where they are watching people deal with some of the same things they are actually dealing with in real life. Seeing my character is hopefully relatable and shows something to aspire to. It’s cool to play that character who is not in a good spot, but has a place to go. That’s hopefully satisfying for the audience and a lot more satisfying as a an actor because of the inherent range.”

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