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July 2022 on Nickelodeon CEE: The Barbarian and the Troll, ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks + More

Below is a round-up of Nickelodeon Central and Eastern Europe's (CEE) programming highlights for July 2022!

More Highlights:

About Nickelodeon Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) International and this guide: The Nickelodeon Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) pan-regional feed is available in available in Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Servia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Africa and Turkey. All times CET, please check local listings for localised air times. Unless otherwise noted, localised episode titles are Hungarian (Magyar).

NickALive! has a active Mapping Planet Nickelodeon side project, which aims to detail which country gets what feed. If you can help, let me know!

--- This July, Nickelodeon International will be airing:

-- The new show The Barbarian and the Troll (channel premiere):

- 2022-07-18 14:45 1x01 Brendar a barbár (Brendar the Barbarian) - series premiere
- 2022-07-19 14:45 1x02 ...s a végén Horus vár reád (Off to See the Wizard)
- 2022-07-20 14:45 1x03 Vér, verejték és szörnyek (Blood, Sweat & Fears)
- 2022-07-21 14:45 1x04 Banya csak egy van (Season of the Witch)
- 2022-07-22 14:45 1x05 Sharon, a profi (My Sharon-Ah)
- 2022-07-25 14:45 1x06 Családi trolltúra (Parents Just Don't Understand)
- 2022-07-26 14:45 1x07 Sárkány ellen sárkányfűszer (When Dragons Cry)
- 2022-07-27 14:45 1x08 Az unikális unikornis (Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me A Map)
- 2022-07-28 14:45 1x09 Sok hűhó Bundiért (Ice Ice Baby)
- 2022-07-29 14:45 1x10 A szellemszálló (Pictures of Boo)

"The Barbarian and the Troll" is locally titled "A barbár és a troll" in Hungary.

-- Brand new episodes of ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks season five:

- 2022-07-04 15:30 5x12 Tűzzel-vassal / Kastély katasztrófa (Fire Safety / Castle Catastrophe)
- 2022-07-05 15:30 5x13 A villámbuli / Láthatatlan látogató (The Party Animals / Warren Seville)
- 2022-07-06 15:30 5x14 Táborbontás / Önjelölt jelölt (Excavation Vacation / Trophy Dad)
- 2022-07-07 15:30 5x15 Döcögő gördeszka / A nagy szennyes mosás (Skater Girl / All Washed Up)
- 2022-07-08 15:30 5x16 Elterelő hadművelet / Szorult helyzet (Summer School / Puzzled)
- 2022-07-11 15:30 5x17 Car Wars / Mr. Fix-It
- 2022-07-12 15:30 5x18a Little Drummer Boy
- 2022-07-13 15:30 5x18b Special Ingredient
- 2022-07-14 15:30 5x19a Alvin Gets Schooled
- 2022-07-15 15:30 5x19b My Life As a Dog

"ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks" is locally titled "Alvinnn! és a mókusok" in Hungary, "Alvinnn!!! şi veveriţele" in Romania, "Алвин и Катеричоците" in Bulgaria, and "Alvinnn!!! a Chipmunkové" in the Czech Republic.

-- Summer Marathons:

2022-07-01 09:00-11:40 Summer Marathon: Henry Danger (Nyári maraton: Veszélyes Henry)
2022-07-04/05/06/07/08 09:00-11:40 Summer Marathon: The Casagrandes (Nyári maraton: A Casagrande család)
2022-07-11/12/13/14/15 09:00-11:40 Summer Marathon: The Thundermans (Nyári maraton: A Thunderman család)
2022-07-18/19/20/21/22 08:00-11:10 United Colours of Bikini Bottom: Yellow Week, featuring SpongeBob (Bikini fenék egyesül színei: Sárga hét – a főszerepben: SpongyaBob)
2022-07-25/26/27/28/29 08:00-11:10 United Colours of Bikini Bottom, featuring Sandy )Bikini fenék egyesül színei: Fehér hét – a főszerepben: Szandi)

-- A selection of Nickelodeon Original Movies and specials:

2022-07-02 13:15 Liar, Liar, Vampire (Kamu vámpír)
2022-07-03 13:15 One Crazy Cruise (Egy észvesztő hajóút)
2022-07-10 13:15 Jinxed (A Murphy-átok)
2022-07-17 13:15 Nicky Deuce
2022-07-24 13:15 Swindle (Svindli a négyzeten)
2022-07-31 13:15 Splitting Adam (Adam és Adam)

Alviiin! és a mókusok: új részek (2022. július) | Nickelodeon

A barbár és a troll: új sorozat (2022. július) | Nickelodeon

Bikini fenék színei – sárga: maraton (2022. július) | Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon mozi hétvégék (2022. július) | Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon Arabia | Continuity | June 2022

nickelodeon OSN (Middle Eastern and North African) continuity 07/05/2022

nickelodeon Hungary continuity (CEE) 07/08/2022

Warped nickelodeon MENA (English Audio)

Middlemost Post Promo 1 Nickelodeon CEE (English) August 2022

Nickelodeon (Czechia) - Continuity (2022 July 15) (Summer request #38)

Aired after The Thundermans and before The Loud House.
Requested by TLHandGFFanatic642003 Backup.
End of The Thundermans
The Loud House next ident
Warped! promo
The Barbarian and the Troll ad break ident
Ad break
The Barbarian and the Troll end of ad break ident
Oddbods frame (subfeed switch error)
Start of The Loud House
Audio: Czech
Nickelodeon - Ident, propagace a reklamní přestávka (15. července 2022)

Nickelodeon United Colors of Bikini Bottom Marathon green Week (OSN/English) Promo

Nickelodeon United colors of Bikini Bottom Marathon green Week (OSN/Arabic) Promo


Goldie's Oldies Everyday (nickelodeon CEE)

Nickelodeon United colors of Bikini Bottom Marathon white Week (OSN/English) Promo

Nickelodeon Europe (Lithuanian) - Continuity (July 23, 2022)

Danger Force every day on nickelodeon (OSN/MENA) Promo

Júliusi; új sorozat, csatornapremier; évadnyitó; Maratonok júliusban; Maratonok júliusban.

Originally published: June 20, 2022.

Original source: Mentrum.

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