Saturday, August 04, 2012

Canadian Youth Television Channel YTV To Premiere The Brand New Nickelodeon Show "How To Rock" And The Brand New Nickelodeon Original Television Movie "Rags" In August 2012

According to the Canadian youth television station 'YTV' on their official website,, to celebrate the Canadian summer school holidays, as part of musical mega-month programming stunt, YTV will premiere "How to Rock", Nickelodeon's brand new live-action sitcom which follows the journey of Kacey Simon (Cymphonique Miller), a once perfect "mean girl" who falls out of favor with the "in-crowd" after she has to get glasses and braces, but discovers that hanging with a new group of friends may not be as bad as it first seemed, every Monday at 8.00pm (E/P) throughout August 2012.

As part of musical mega-month programming stunt, YTV will also premiere and show the brand new Nickelodeon original television movie "Rags", which stars Nickelodeon Stars Max Schneider ("How To Rock"), Keke Palmer ("True Jackson, VP", "Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom"), Avan Jogia ("Victorious"), Drake Bell ("The Amanda Show", "Drake & Josh") and Nick Cannon ("All That", "The Nick Cannon Show", and the Chairman of 'TeenNick'), and the Canadian actor and Disc-jockey (DJ) Zak Santiago (The N's "The Assistants"), on Friday 17th August 2012 at 8.00pm:
What's On?

It's a musical mega-month on YTV that'll have you dancing in the streets!

Tune in for the premiere of "Rags" - a hip-hop Cinderella story starring "True Jackson VP" star Keke Palmer - August 17th @ 8pm!

And speaking of music, The Next Star Top 6 will continue to strut their stuff Mondays @ 7pm e/p, and Kacey Simon will teach you “How to Rock” Mondays @ 8pm e/p! Plus, we’ve got new episodes of Mr. Young every Monday @ 6:30pm e/p!

La la la la!