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SpongeBob SquarePants and Friends Join Ocean Park Summer Splash Offering Immersive Cooling Attractions, Themed Dishes & Lakeside BBQ Around 800 Special Prizes Given Out Weekly via Mobile App

Original Ocean Park Hong Kong Press Release via oceanpark.com.hk:

SpongeBob SquarePants and Friends Join Ocean Park Summer Splash Offering Immersive Cooling Attractions, Themed Dishes & Lakeside BBQ Around 800 Special Prizes Given Out Weekly via Mobile App


The annual Ocean Park Summer Splash is set to immerse the city from 1 July to 28 August in water fun with a galore of exhilarating water-themed attractions, scrumptious dishes and “Get Closer to the Animals” activities. Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants and his friends Patrick Star, Squidward Tentacles and Mr. Krabs are visiting from Bikini Bottom to engage with guests and fans from all over the world in the city’s first-ever SpongeBob Water Party. Fans of the adorable character can collect limited-edition souvenirs and enjoy SpongeBob-themed healthy vegetable delicacies and cooling dishes. Ocean Park is also presenting various “Get Closer to the Animals” programmes, including the time-limited summer edition of Grand Aquarium Exploration, which takes guests on a memorable marine adventure. A second wave of summer surprise will start on 15 July, with around 800 prizes being given out every week to guests through the Ocean Park Mobile App.

Drenching Water Party and Challenging AMaze-ing Lasers
The first-ever SpongeBob Water Party in Hong Kong transports guests into the wondrous world of Bikini Bottom, letting them enjoy a range of immersive water attractions with SpongeBob SquarePants and friends, as well as fun photo and video opportunities for sharing with friends and family. Another major highlight is AMaze-ing Lasers, a brand new ride brought over from the United States for the first time. Players will get the chance to unleash their wits and agility in traversing the laser grids within a pitch dark chamber, as if they were playing an action hero. Each player will receive a score when they press the buttons at different corners of the chamber, making it possible for friends to compete in reaching higher scores. Mega Gush offers the greatest cooling sensation as guests stand below a huge water bucket and feel the incomparable cascading chilling pleasure. Jumbo Bubble Playground, another brand new attraction, allows guests to create giant human-sized bubbles alongside SpongeBob-themed decorations, making it a colourful photo backdrop. The must-visit Rainbow Fountain cools guests with its fancy waterspouts synchronised to colourful lights and rhythms. Guests of all ages alike will be mesmerised by the strong beats and dynamic lighting at the Wild Foam Zone.

Near the Water Party zone, friends can target each other with water bombs at the Super Splash Battle, soaking each other in a fun and festive atmosphere. Kids would want to join the Kids DIY Workshop at Whiskers Harbour to take home their masterpieces such as SpongeBob keychains, Patrick Star catapults, fish and panda dolls made with rainbow-coloured clay.

Exclusive SpongeBob x Ocean Park Merchandise & Themed Dishes
Fans will want to roam the Park to look for SpongeBob and his friends in different summer looks and be prepared for a surprise appearance by SpongeBob who will interact with them. During Summer Splash, guests can visit the limited-time SpongeBob Pop-Up Store near Applause Pavilion to shop for a wide range of limited-edition Ocean Park X SpongeBob SquarePants merchandise, including umbrellas, beach mats, T-shirts and water bottles. Fans looking to spread the fun may take advantage of the face painting service and camouflage themselves as SpongeBob and his friends. In addition, a series of SpongeBob-themed healthy vegetarian dishes are available at various in-park restaurants and food kiosks featuring decorations of SpongeBob SquarePants.

Tom Mehrmann, Chief Executive of Ocean Park, said, “As one of our signature seasonal events, Summer Splash has become a favourite summer activity for students and a popular outing for the entire family. Riding on our successful experience of introducing popular characters into our festive events in recent years, we have invited SpongeBob who lives in a pineapple house under the sea to join our Summer Splash this year to offer guests of all ages a wonderful summer party experience. Through the SpongeBob Water Party, vegetarian delicacies and time-limited Pop-up Store, we hope to satisfy our guests’ appetite for fun, shopping and food in one go.”

Cool Snacks and Lakeside BBQ Add to Summer Fun
Cooling snacks such as iced pineapple and mini watermelon will also be available at food kiosks to help guests beat the summer heat. Ocean Park is also launching its first-ever Lakeside BBQ Carnival, where guests can savour scrumptious skewers and barbequed food including Grilled U.S. Beef Ribeye Cubes, New Zealand Mussels in White Wine and Herbs, as well as assorted skewers and sausages along with special cool drinks, pushing the party atmosphere to a climax.

Summer Edition Grand Aquarium Exploration with Two-person Discount Available
Water sports enthusiasts would not want to miss the summer-only edition of Ocean Park’s unique snorkelling experience inside the Grand Aquarium. Guests are led by a professional diver to encounter colourful coral and coral fishes, such as Shy Butterflyfish, Painted Triggerfish, Blue-stripped Snapper, fusilier and angelfish. The adventure also includes an exclusive tour of the coral breeding room and back-of-house facilities. Participants can learn about how the Park provides the most suitable environment for corals, thereby deepening their knowledge about protecting corals and marine life while raising awareness of the importance of marine conservation. Participants should be aged 10 or above (children under 12 need to be accompanied by a paying adult to join the programme), non-swimmers are also welcome. A two-person discount is available for this summer edition offered during the Summer Splash period. Guests can register online at the Ocean Park website.

Download the Ocean Park Mobile App for Chance to Win Weekly Prizes
Starting on 15 July, Ocean Park is giving away a wonderful array of prizes to in-Park guests through its app (To receive the prize-giveaway notifications and dining coupons, guests must connect their mobile device to Ocean Park’s official Wi-Fi network). “Surprise e-Coupons” will be given out at 11:30am and 1pm on each event day. The first specified number of guests to hit the “Get” button will win prizes such as: a complimentary ticket for joining “Summer Edition Grand Aquarium Exploration”, a Halloween Fest Premium Ticket, Ocean FasTrack, a complimentary ticket for joining “Sea Lion Feeding” or “Shark & Ray Feeding”, in-park dining and shopping coupons, etc. Guests can also receive dining coupons upon visiting five designated COOL attractions, namely “SpongeBob Water Party”, “The Rapids”, “Raging River”, “Shark Mystique” and “Marine Mammal Breeding and Research Centre”.

During the Summer Splash period, guests can enjoy the “Ocean Park App’s New User” offer on their purchase of admission tickets with 10% off through the Ocean Park website. Guests only need to present a mobile device with the app, along with the E-ticket, at the entrance to enjoy a joyful and memorable experience at the Park.


Also, via oceanpark.com.hk:

Summer Splash 2016 - SpongeBob-themed Delicacies

From 1 July to 28 August 2016, Ocean Park will be debuting an exciting collaboration with Nickelodeon's all-time favourite classic cartoon character, SpongeBob SquarePants, and his friends Patrick Star, Squidward Tentacles and Mr. Krabs, who have come all the way from Bikini Bottom to throw a wet and cool summer party with guests at the Park during this year's Summer Splash!

Take photos over mealtime at our SpongeBob-decorated restaurants, and taste SpongeBob-inspired dishes and desserts! The SpongeBob SquarePants Underwater Adventure Menu (set menu) comes with themed souvenirs, while the SpongeBob SquarePants Summer Fiesta Menu (set menu) and Pineapple House (special drink) come with a limited edition LED stirrer! Eating on-the-go? Get the Crispy Bucket at food kiosks!

Neptune's Restaurant menu | Tuxedos Restaurant SpongeBob menu


Celebrities Matt Yeung and Lisa Ch'ng will introduce the SpongeBob Water Party!
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