Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Nicktoons USA And The Splat Wishes Viewers A Classic Nickmas

It's Nickmas! To celebrate the festive season, Nicktoons USA and The Splat will be airing holiday and winter themed episodes of old Nickelodeon favorites, including "Rugrats", "Stick Stickly", "Roundhouse", "You Can't Do That on Television", "Double Dare", "El Tigre", "Jimmy Neutron", "My Life as a Teenage Robot", "All That", "The X's", "Invader Zim", and many, many more!

All times ET/PT; Schedule subject to change.

Nickmas on Nicktoons USA:

Starting Dec. 12 through Dec. 27, Nicktoons' will gift viewers with marathons of old favorites!:

Saturday 12th December 2015:

3:00pm - Avatar: The Last Airbender - "The Storm"
3:30pm - Avatar: The Last Airbender - "The Fortune Teller"
4:00pm - Invader Zim - "Planet Jackers; The Rise of Zitboy"
4:30pm - Invader Zim - "Tak: The Hideous New Girl"
5:00pm - El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera "Curse of the Albino Burrito; La Tigressa"
5:30pm - El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera "Miracle City Worker; Dia de los Malos"
6:00pm - The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius "Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen"
6:30pm - The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius "Maximum Hugh; Sleepless in Retroville"

Sunday 13th December 2015:

3:00pm - Avatar: The Last Airbender - "Bato of the Water Tribe"
3:30pm - Avatar: The Last Airbender - "The Deserter"
4:00pm - Danny Phantom - "Splitting Images"
4:30pm - Danny Phantom - "Pirate Radio"
5:00pm - My Life as a Teenage Robot - "Dancing With My Shell; Around the World in Eighty Pieces"
5:30pm - My Life as a Teenage Robot - "Girl of Steal; Mist Opportunities"
6:00pm - The X's - "Photo Ops; Boy's Best Fiend"
6:30pm - The X's - "AAIIEE, Robot; Mission: Irresponsible"

Saturday 19th December 2015:

3:00pm - Avatar: The Last Airbender - "The Northern Air Temple"
3:30pm - Avatar: The Last Airbender - "The Waterbending Master"
4:00pm - Back at the Barnyard - "Some Like It Snotty"
4:30pm - Back at the Barnyard - "Otis Season; Cow's Night Out"
5:00pm - The Mighty B! - "Blindsided; Hen and Bappy"
5:30pm - The Mighty B! - "Dirty Happy; Tour D'Alcatraz"
6:00pm - Catscratch - "Unicorn Club; Go Gomez! Go!"
6:30pm - Catscratch - "Two of a Kind; Core-uption"

Sunday 20th December 2015:

3:00pm - Avatar: The Last Airbender - "The Siege of the North": The Northern Water Tribe braces itself for an attack by Adm. Zhao's Fire Navy Fleet.

3:30pm - Avatar: The Last Airbender - "The Siege of the North": Zhao's invasion breaks through the outer wall of the Northern Water Tribe's defenses; Aang goes to the spirit world for help.

4:00pm - Back at the Barnyard - "It's an Udderful Life": When Santa gets a case of ferret fever, Otis and the animals vow to make toys and deliver them on Christmas Eve.

4:30pm - Danny Phantom - "The Fright Before Christmas": When Danny accidentally destroys the only copy of a ghostly Christmas story, the book's author seeks revenge.

5:00pm - Invader Zim - "The Most Horrible Christmas Ever": Zim dresses up in a Santa suit in a plan to take over the world.

5:30pm - The X's - "You Only Sneeze Twice; X Takes a Holiday": Tuesday must take care of her entire family when they become sick; Truman and Tuesday want to throw a party.

6:00pm - My Life as a Teenage Robot - "A Robot for All Seasons": Jenny volunteers to be a robot toy for an underprivileged boy at Christmas.

6:30pm - The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius - "Holly Jolly Jimmy": Jimmy tries to prove that Santa Claus does not exist.

Nickmas on The Splat:

This festive season, The Splat will be treating viewers to a traditional Nickmas celebration, packed full of holiday themed episodes of classic '90s Nickelodeon shows!:

Monday 14th December 2015:

10:00pm - Rugrats - "A Rugrats Chanukah": The tots learn the story of Hanukkah while visiting a synagogue with Boris, who settles a long-standing feud.

10:30pm - Stick Stickly in Stuck

11:00pm - Hey Dude - "Ride, She Said": Melody (Christine Taylor) throws a Christmas party.

11:30pm - The Ren & Stimpy Show - "A Scooter for Yaksmas": Stinky Weazelteats and his sidekick, Yak, leave hot sausages and prechewed gum.

12:00am - You Can't Do That on Television - "Christmas": It's Christmas on the set, but there's little peace on Earth in the studio: Alasdair's running around with a helmet camouflaged in mistletoe and two eager lips puckered.

12:30am - Aaahh!!! Real Monsters - "Monsters Don't Dance"; "Gone Shopp'n": A lovable TV monster named Murray undermines ghouls; Oblina, Krumm, and Ickis get locked inside a mall.

1:00am - CatDog - "Rinky Dinks"; "Hypno-Teased": Nearburg becomes a winter wonderland; Dog gets a toy hypnotism kit.

1:30am - Clarissa Explains It All - "The Flu": When their parents get the flu, Clarissa (Melissa Joan Hart) and Ferguson (Jason Zimbler) are in charge.

2-6:00am - Full encore of 10:00pm-2:00am.

Tuesday 15th December 2015:

10:00pm - Kenan & Kel - "Merry Christmas, Kenan": Kenan (Kenan Thompson) learns the true spirit of Christmas when he takes a job as Santa at a department store. Will Kel (Kel Mitchell) get his tuba-phone for Christmas? It's not just a Tuba; IT'S A PHONE!

10:30pm - Rugrats - "Angelica Orders Out"; "Let It Snow": Angelica orders take out food; the Pickles prepare for a Christmas card photo.

11:00pm - As Told by Ginger - "The Even Steven Holiday Special": After discovering that she is one quarter Jewish, Ginger tries to celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas.

11:30pm - All Grown Up - "The Finster Who Stole Christmas": Chuckie steals a Christmas tree; Kira and Kimi try to make it home for Christmas; Tommy and Dil try to write a memorable Hanukkah song.

12:00am - Rugrats - "A Rugrats Kwanzaa": Susie Carmichael learns a lesson about life.

12:30am - The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo - "The Mystery of the Mice That Roared": The hustle and bustle of Christmas and a mystery involving a slew of sabotaged dinners at a local restaurant.

1:00am - Stick Stickly in Stuck

1:30am - Hey Arnold! "Heat"; "Snow": Record heat sets all on edge; Then, a blizzard has transformed Arnold's city into a winter play-land with fourteen beautiful inches of powdery snow. But with the list of chores Grandpa has handed him, it could be July before he gets to play in it.

2-6:00am - Full encore of 10:00pm-2:00am.

Wednesday 16th December 2015:

10:00pm - Stick Stickly in Stuck

10:30pm - Aaahh!!! Real Monsters "Monsters Don't Dance; Gone Shopping" TV-G

11:00pm - You Can't Do That on Television - "Holidays": The kids rally for an Actors' Holiday so they can have a day off just to be kids, but Ross abhors the idea.

11:30pm - Rocko's Modern Life - "Rocko's Modern Christmas": Rocko invites his elfin neighbors to a Christmas party.

12:00am - Welcome Freshmen - "Holidays": The freshmen celebrate the holidays.

12:30am - Rugrats - "Angelica Orders Out; Let It Snow"

1:00am - Rocket Power - "Snow Day"; "Welcome to the Club": Otto and Sam skip school; Ray receives a trial pass to an exclusive club.

1:30am - As Told by Ginger - "Blizzard Conditions": Unexpected guests are stranded at Ginger's house during a snow storm.

2-6:00am - Full encore of 10:00pm-2:00am.

Thursday 17th December 2015:

10:00pm - Rugrats - "Babies in Toyland": The tots frolic in high-tech Christmasland designed by Stu Pickles for Dil's first Christmas; Angelica drives Santa to quit.

11:00pm - Roundhouse: "Happy Holidays"

11:30pm - Rocket Power - "A Rocket Christmas": The kids start a Dog walking business to make money for the holidays; Ray becomes obsessed with holiday traditions.

12:00am - As Told by Ginger - "The Even Steven Holiday Special"

12:30am - Stick Stickly in Stuck

1:00am - The Ren & Stimpy Show - "Big Flakes; Pen Pals": Ren and Stimpy are snowed in. Stimpy amuses himself with watching dark TV, whistling in a bottle and other mundane activities; Ren and Stimpy are watching TV when they see the grand opening of a new jail where the prisoners are treated like kings.

1:30am - The Angry Beavers - "Fat Chance"; "Dag In the Mirror": Daggett goes to extraordinary measures in order to build up fat for the winter; Fed up with Norbert "liking himself" 24 hours a day, Daggett tries "likey-like-liking himself" - and soon he's the one everybody is pattering themselves after, causing Norb to become one of the "common beavers".

2-6:00am - Full encore of 10:00pm-2:00am.

Friday 18th December 2015:

10:00pm - Double Dare (Episode 65)

10:30pm - Hey Arnold! - "Arnold's Christmas": Secret-Santa Arnold tries to reunite Mr. Hyunh and his daughter.

11:00pm - All That (Episode 225)

11:30pm - Rugrats - "The Santa Experience": The families go to a mountain cabin for Christmas; Tommy and Chuckie lay traps for Santa Claus.

12:00am - Stick Stickly in Stuck

12:30am - Kenan & Kel - "Merry Christmas, Kenan"

1:00am - Rocko's Modern Life - "Cabin Fever"; "Rinse and Spit": An avalanche traps Rocko, Heffer and the Bigheads in a cabin; Filburt takes his final exam at dental school, and Rocko is his patient.

1:30am - Rocket Power - "Major Scrummage"; "Snow Bounders": Trent introduces the gang to the game of rugby; a storm system causes it to snow in Ocean Shores.

2-6:00am - Full encore of 10:00pm-2:00am.

Saturday 19th December 2015:

10:00pm - The Wild Thornberrys - "Have Yourself a Thornberry Little Christmas": Eliza goes through desperate measures to help animals survive during these tough times along the Skeleton Coast. However, the price she pays for her good-will intentions will soon cost her family's entire holiday cheer, including their Christmas dinner!

10:30pm - Stick Stickly in Stuck

11:00pm - The Journey of Allen Strange - "Starwalk": Allen (Arjay Smith) searches for the perfect Christmas gift for Robbie (Erin J. Dean), but finds himself in a store without money.

11:30pm - Rugrats - "A Rugrats Kwanzaa"

12:00am - CatDog - "A Very CatDog Christmas": When a bratty preschooler tells Santa she wants CatDog for Christmas, Cat convinces Dog to accept so they can live in opulent splendor - which causes Santa to cancel Christmas!

12:30am - Double Dare (Episode 65)

1:00am - The Angry Beavers - "Beach Beavers A-Go-Go"; "Deranged Ranger": Dag and Norb go south for the winter; Dag is elected forest ranger.

1:30am - Rocko's Modern Life - "Cabin Fever; Rinse and Spit"

2-6:00am - Full encore of 10:00pm-2:00am.

Sunday 20th December 2015:

10:00pm - All That (Episode 225)

10:30pm - You Can't Do That on Television (Christmas)

11:00pm - Doug - "Doug's Christmas Story": Pork Chop is accused of attacking Beebe.

11:30pm - Hey Arnold! - "Arnold's Christmas"

12:00am - Stick Stickly in Stuck

12:30am - Clarissa Explains It All - "The Flu"

1:00am - The Wild Thornberrys - "Every Little Bit Alps": Eliza is afraid to admit that she doesn't know how to snowboard.

1:30am - Rugrats - "Cuffed"; "The Blizzard": Angelica handcuffs herself to Chuckie; a rare snowfall encourages a fantasy involving the North Pole.

2-6:00am - Full encore of 10:00pm-2:00am.

Monday 21st December 2015:

10:00pm - Rugrats - "Tommy's First Birthday" (first episode): During Tommy's birthday party, he and his friends decide they want to be dogs.

10:30pm - All Grown Up - "Truth or Consequences": Tommy enters a filmmaking contest.

11:00pm - Rugrats "Naked Tommy"; "Tommy and the Secret Club": Tommy wants to go naked like his Dog, Spike; the babies compete for membership in Angelica's exclusive club.

11:30pm - All Grown Up - "River Rats": Betty and Chas decide to take Tommy, Chuckie, and Phil camping and river-rafting. While Chuckie looks to Tommy for confidence in the ricer, turns out that Tommy is scared of water! When Chas falls overboard and Betty goes to save him, the kids get seprated from the adults. Can they make it back safely and overcome their fears?

12:00am - Kenan & Kel - "Merry Christmas, Kenan"

12:30am - Hey Arnold! - "New Bully on the Block"; "Phoebe Breaks a Leg": A bully threatens Wolfgang; Phoebe rescues Helga from a speeding bus.

1:00am - CatDog "Surfing Dog"; "Guess Who's Going to Be Dinner": Cat poses as a surfer to impress a girl; Dog chases a dragonfly all over the house.

1:30am - Rocket Power - "A Rocket Christmas"

2:00am - The Angry Beavers - "Lumberjack's Delight; Zooing Time": Lumberjacks invade the forest; Norbert takes the blame for Daggett.

2:30am - Rocko's Modern Life - "The Big Question; The Big Answer": Filburt plans to propose to Dr. Hutchison; Dr. Hutchison proposes.

3-6:00am - Encore of 10:00pm-3:00am.

10:00pm - All Grown Up - "Chuckie's in Love": Chuckie creates an alter ego to gain the attention of a girl named Nicole Boscerelli; Angelica searches for a story for the school newspaper.

10:30pm - Rugrats - "Chuckie Loses His Glasses"; "Chuckie Gets Skunked": Without glasses, the world looks weird to Chuckie; Chuckie gets sprayed by a skunk.

11:00pm - All Grown Up - "Project Chuckie": Angelica tries to make Chuckie more cool for a class project intended to help a less fortunate classmate.

11:30pm - Rugrats - "Under Chuckie's Bed"; "Chuckie is Rich": Angelica warns Chuckie that there is a monster under his new bed; Chaz wins $10 million (guest star Pat Sajak).

12:00am - The Wild Thornberrys - "Have Yourself a Thornberry Little Christmas"

12:30am - Hey Arnold! - "Full Moon; Student Teacher": Arnold takes the blame for a prank; Olga teaches with Helga.

1:00am - CatDog - "Very CatDog Christmas"

1:30am - Rocket Power - "New Squid on the Block"; "Down the Drain" (First episode): Sam moves to Ocean Park; Reggie watches the Stimpletons' pool.

2:00am - The Angry Beavers - "Long Tall Daggy"; "Practical Jerks": Dag has grown taller than Norb; girl raccoons haze the boys.

2:30am - Rocko's Modern Life - "Put Out to Pasture; Future Schlock": Heffer goes to the hospital; Filburt's future descendants probe a mystery.

3-6:00am - Encore of 10:00pm-3:00am.

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