Friday, January 15, 2016

Nickelodeon UK Releases First Episode Of Brand-New Digital Series "Tinkershrimp & Dutch"

Jump aboard the Regius Hunnibunibus Double Decker Castle with best friends Tinkershrimp the langoustine & Dutch the slow loris and follow their bonkers adventures across New Great Great Britain!

Nickelodeon UK and Ireland has today premiered the very first episode of their brand-new digital series "Tinkershrimp & Dutch" exclusively on, and on the Nick Play app!

In the first episode of "Tinkershrimp & Dutch", "Time to be Polite", fearless, time-travelling bodyguards Tinkershrimp and Dutch, and Ingrid the no-nonsense Nordic driver, arrive at New Great Great Britain's stadium to enter the National Politeness Championships! However, whilst politely queuing to enter with his loyal subjects, Michael The Fowl, the world's most dangerous headless Chicken and evil master of disguise, hatches an evil plan to ruin the event with a burp-nado! Can Tinkershrimp & Dutch run back in time to stop the crime?! Find out by watching the first episode now at, and on the Nick Play app!

Fans who watch the first episode of "Tinkershrimp & Dutch" on and can also help Tinkershrimp and Dutch find Michael The Fowl in the crowd, and help design a disguise for Michael The Fowl!

Stay tuned for episode two, released Friday 22nd January 2016! Claw Paw!

"Tinkershrimp & Dutch" stars the voice talent of John Boyega ("Star Wars: The Force Awakens", "Attack the Block") as Dutch, Sam Riley ("Control", "Maleficent") as Michael The Fowl, Darren Evans ("Submarine", "The Fifth Estate") as Tinkershrimp, and Alex Lowe ("House of Fools", "My Week with Marilyn") as King Hunnybun III, and features music written and performed by Nick McCarthy (Franz Ferdinand, FFS)!

To celebrate the debut of "Tinkershrimp & Dutch" episode one, The Drum recently caught up with the Greg Stevenson, the co-founder of Ralph, the London-based creative agency behind "Tinkershrimp & Dutch", and creative director Chris Stack to discuss the origins of the project and the unique animation process.

Describing how himself and Stack dreamt up the idea in the pub, Stevenson said that Nickelodeon gave the team "free reign" when it came to scripting.

"It's very different from advertising where you're locked down into the tone of voice and definitely can't be as ridiculous and rude as we are," he asserted.

The score for the show was written and performed by Nick McCarthy from Franz Ferdinand along with Ralph producer Andrew Knowles. The pair told The Drum their creative remit was pretty "loose", and explained how they would use phrases like "creepy soundbed" as the basis for their competitions.

When asked about their long-term ambitions for "Tinkershrimp & Dutch", Stack and Stevenson said that expanding the format and becoming a household name were high on the agenda – "we want to see lunchboxes with the characters on them," they added.

You can watch The Drum's behind the scenes interview in full in the exclusive video here on!

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