Sunday, January 10, 2016

Nickelodeon UK's Gallery Team Pull Epic Prank On Nick Presenter Dave Berry

Nickelodeon UK's production team have a lot of fun working at Nick and play a fair few pranks on each other.

In 2001, Nick UK's gallery/transmission team decided to play a epic prank on presenter Dave "The Boy" Berry!

Dave thought he was presenting a live mid program continuity link lasting about 10 seconds at around 18:45 in-between "Saved By the Bell", however, Nickelodeon UK's gallery/transmission team secretly dropped the real continuity link for this wind-up!

In the prank, Nickelodeon UK's gallery/transmission team make Dave think that all hell has broken out behind-the-scenes in transmission, causing Nickelodeon to temporarily lose the programme they're in the middle off! To fill the unplanned extended link, Dave has to ad-lib for 5 minutes, whilst Nick fixes the problem in transmission and resume normal playout, something which Dave is totally unprepared for but totally aces!

During the link, Dave talks about a selection of Nickelodeon UK gems including "Watch Your Own Week", "NList" and "Head To Head"!

Talkback is on the Left Audio Channel, Program Out on the right.
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