Friday, February 12, 2016

Nickelodeon UK Releases Fifth Episode Of Brand-New Digital Series "Tinkershrimp & Dutch"

Jump aboard the Regius Hunnibunibus Double Decker Castle with best friends Tinkershrimp the langoustine & Dutch the slow loris and follow their bonkers adventures across New Great Great Britain!

Nickelodeon UK and Ireland has today premiered the fifth episode of their brand-new digital series "Tinkershrimp & Dutch" exclusively at & and on the Nick Play app!

In "Tinkershrimp & Dutch" episode five, "Time to Be Cool", King Hunnybun III welcomes the extremely cool King Candycane, the King of America and all-round Beefcake, to New Great Great Britain! However, King Candycane doesn't like bodyguards, and Tinkershrimp & Dutch soon find their services are no longer needed as Hunnybun thinks they're a "pair of darn tootin' wackadoodle". When Michael The Fowl, the world's most dangerous headless Chicken, misunderstood genius and evil master of disguise, finds out about King Candycane's visit, he hatches a especially fiendish plan to send both Kings into the Sun! King Candycane's coolness soon rubs off on King Hunnybun, and the two attend the exclusive Cool Kings Club! However, all is not as it seems, and luckily, being sacked won't stop Tinkershrimp & Dutch looking out for King HB! Can Tinkershrimp & Dutch run back in time to stop the crime and save King Hunnybun III and King Candycane? And who are Blastercrab and Smudge, two very secret, secret service agents who Talk and Rhyme to Stop The Crime? Find out by watching the fifth all-new episode now at, and on the Nick Play app! Find out by watching the fifth all-new episode now at, and on the Nick Play app! Boom Time!

Fans who watch the fifth episode of "Tinkershrimp & Dutch" on and can also help Tinkershrimp and Dutch find Michael The Fowl, and help design a new disguise for him to help him sneak out and eggscape from jail!

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