Friday, February 19, 2016

Sneak-Peeks Of Brand-New "Fairly OddParents", "Harvey Beaks", "Sanjay And Craig" And "Pig Goat Banana Cricket" Episodes, Premiering 2/19 On Nickelodeon USA

To celebrate Nickelodeon USA premiering the brand-new episodes of The Fairly OddParents, Harvey Beaks, Sanjay and Craig and Pig Goat Banana Cricket tonight from 7:30pm ET/PT, Nick USA has unveiled fantastic sneak peek previews from each all-new episode, which you can watch on by clicking the pics below!

7:30pm - The Fairly OddParents: "Birthday Battle: Transmorphers Versus Unicorns":

In the all-new The Fairly OddParents episode "Birthday Battle: Transmorphers Versus Unicorns" (#155b), When Timmy and Chloe find out they have the same birthday, they decide to compete for the best party. In the super sneak-peek, "Me, Me, Me!", Timmy finds out that Chloe has the same birthday as him, so he'll have to share his fairies on his big day!

8:00pm - Harvey Beaks: "Terrybear":

In the brand-new Harvey Beaks episode "Terrybear" (#121a), Technobear is shocked to discover that his real name is Terrybear, so he decides to re-invent himself! In the fantastic sneak-peek, "A New Bear", Technobear has decided to form a new identity and is now Terrybear!

8:15pm - Sanjay and Craig: "All Night Bummer Party":

In the all-new Sanjay and Craig episode "All Night Bummer Party" (#307a), the Dude-Snake duo celebrate their "friend-iversary" at a Frycade sleepover event, but the night does not go as Sanjay planned. In the super sneak peek, "A Lone Sanjay", Sanjay is feeling blue when Craig is too busy to hang out with him, and runs in with Chido.

8:30pm - Pig Goat Banana Cricket: "Cow Duck Avocado Mantis":

In the brand-new "Pig Goat Banana Cricket" episode "Cow Duck Avocado Mantis" (#119), Pig wants to be a famous belt in an action movie, Goat is discovered by a movie director, Banana replaces his hero on a hit television show and Cricket thinks he can make a movie all by himself! In the brilliant sneak-peek, "Biggest Fan", Banana gets the chance to meet his favorite TV character, Avocado!

Additional source: Zap2it TV Listings.
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