Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tour The Nicktoons Studios In Jimmy Neutron’s Nicktoon Blast!

The evil Ooblar from the planet Yokian has stolen Jimmy Neutron's newest rocket creation, the Mark IV! Board your own rocket and follow Jimmy on a wild goose chase through your favorite Nicktoons worlds in Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast! Look out for the Slime Tower!:

Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast at Universal Studios from Dennis Hansen on Vimeo.

In Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast, Jimmy, with help from Carl Wheezer, unveils his newest invention: the Mark IV rocket. However, after breaking into Jimmy's lab to return Carl's teddy bear, Ooblar claims the Mark IV for his own, flying off through the Nicktoons Studios! It's up to you to help Jimmy, Goddard and Carl chase Ooblar in the original (and slightly unpredictable) Mark I rockets as he whizzes around the Nicktoons film lot, visiting the street where Hey Arnold! is filmed, the Rugrats at home, Cosmo and Wanda from Fairly OddParents in Fairy World, SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick Star and their pals in Bikini Bottom, and the Yolkian planet! Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast also features cameos from many of your favorite Nicktoons stars, including Rocket Power, As Told By Ginger, Invader Zim, Rocko's Modern Life, The Ren & Stimpy Show and The Wild Thornberrys! Gotta blast!

Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast was a simulator ride at Universal Studios Florida which was open between 2003 and 2011. In the ride, the audience entered a large theatre and sat in rockets on simulator platforms that moved with the action of the movie.

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