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Jace Norman Teases New "Henry Danger" Animated Series, Talks 2017 KCAs & More | Interview

In celebration of Nickelodeon's upcoming Henry Danger animated spinoff The Adventures of Kid Danger and Captain Man, star Jace Norman recently joined Hidden Remote to discuss the exciting new chapter in the Henry Danger franchise!

Last week during Nickelodeon Upfront 2017, Nickelodeon announced an exciting new venture in the Henry Danger franchise with the pick up of The Adventures of Kid Danger and Captain Man (working title), a brand-new animated spin-off of the network’s top-rated superhero comedy series! Through the half-hour series, the beloved crime-fighting duo of Captain Man and Henry Danger make the jump to animation in a series which follows the duo as they embark on new wild adventures where they’ll face off against new threats in previously unseen lands.

Without any limitations, the new animated series will offer an exciting new look into Kid Danger and Captain Man’s adventures as they battle against monsters, aliens and going places the writers have been unable to explore until now!

Jace Norman unveiling "The Adventures of Kid Danger and Captain Man" at Nickelodeon Upfront 2017.

Following the special announcement, Hidden Remote caught up with Henry Danger star Jace Norman, who plays Henry Hart and his superhero alter-ego Kid Danger on the series, to get the inside scoop on the series’ new animated spin-off, discuss the current season of Henry Danger, his latest Kids’ Choice Awards nominations and more!

Hidden Remote: First off, congratulations on the continued success of Henry Danger and on the series’ new animated spinoff! When you found out Nickelodeon was planning the spin-off what was your initial reaction to the news?

Norman: I was really excited! I had heard rumors about it and we didn’t really know if it was happening for sure. We had done a little preview of it – we did a couple of animated shorts that went up online and I think those got like 30 million views each – so they were really trying to make it a show. I know that Dan [Schneider] really wanted to [work on an animated spinoff] before we did those little pilots for online, so it was kind of a natural progression and when we finally got the word it was exciting.

Hidden Remote: Looking back, did you ever imagine that the show would not only become such an incredible hit with viewers but that you’d one day get the chance to voice the character in an animated spinoff as well?

Norman: I hoped obviously [that the series would be a success], but you never know and I had no idea about the animated series – that came completely out of the blue.

Hidden Remote: And what has it been like going back and forth between filming Henry Danger and recording you voiceover for The Adventures of Kid Danger and Captain Man? Has filming overlapped on the two or are you working on one show one day or week and the second show another?

Norman: Yeah, [we’ve already] started doing voiceover work on, I believe, five episodes already and it’s been fun. We haven’t actually done both at the same time, but we’re going to so I’m kind of nervous about that. It’s pretty long hours so me and Cooper [Barnes] pass notes and stuff [to pass the time].

Hidden Remote: The worlds of animation and live action are so unique and vary in so many ways, what has it been like stepping into the recording studio to work on The Adventures of Kid Danger and Captain Man versus stepping on set to film an episode of Henry Danger?

Norman: It’s much harder, at least for me to do voiceover because I’m so used to being able to use my physical body to do half of my work. [With animation], you have to sell it all with your voice and trust that the animators can do the other half basically. So it’s a much different experience and as far as the acting goes is much more difficult for me.

Hidden Remote: What would you say you prefer most about working on the live action series versus animation and vice versa?

Norman: I think I like the aspect that we can knuckle down and shoot a whole episode in one sitting and we’re all in the same room collaborating. At the same, I think that I like the live-action better because it’s more up my alley.

Hidden Remote: Speaking about the differences between filming a live-action and animated series, The Adventures of Kid Danger and Captain Man opens a whole new door by allowing the writers much more freedom in their storytelling. Can you talk about some of the things fans can expect from the animated series such as things that haven’t been able to be incorporated on Henry Danger?

Norman: It’s cool because, as you said, we can expand the world so much! I think I’m most excited to see the vehicles that we have that we’ve talked about on the live-action but have never really seen. I also hope that we can get some of the cartoon characters on the live-action and vice versa.

Hidden Remote: And is there anything in particular that you’d love to see incorporated in an episode down the line?

Norman: I know that we see more of the exterior of Swellview, which is the city that we live in. We usually shoot indoors because it’s a multi-camera sitcom, so we’re getting to do more outside stuff on the animated series.

Hidden Remote: Another major change from Henry Danger and this new animated series is the shift in focus from watching Henry juggling with life as an ordinary teen and crime fighting to following Kid Danger and Captain Man on all of these crazy adventures. What has it been like getting to explore this new side of your character and the world around him through this new animated world?

Norman: It’s even more crazy than the live-action because it is just about the adventures and we can really dive into that. So it’s been really run to just go all out and not really limit ourselves.

Hidden Remote: Is there anything in particular that you’re excited for fans to see in his new series that you can talk about?

Norman: I just think that the humor is a little bit different in that it’s more outrageous like, more like SpongeBob Squarepants in focusing on the comedy. We can do so much more in the fight scenes and the comedy when it’s animated because we don’t have to worry about stunts and stuff.

Hidden Remote: Speaking of other Nickelodeon properties, have you had the chance to speak with any particular Nick animation stars to get their advice?

Norman: Yeah, we went to Nick Animation and met all of the guys there who did SpongeBob and [The] Loud House and it was really cool to see that part because we actually got to go in the booth where they record all their stuff. Avatar: The Last Airbender, which is one of my favorite shows, shot their too so it was cool to be in that room.

Hidden Remote: Is there anybody from any of those worlds that you’d love to be able to have on as a guest voice/star?

Norman: I mean Patrick Star would be kind of cool. (laughs)

Hidden Remote: Switching over to Henry Danger, Season 3 is currently underway and airing weekly on Saturday nights. What can fans expect from the upcoming episodes? Can you offer up any teasers on what hijinks await them in the upcoming episodes?

Norman: We have a really cool episode – I think it might be my favorite episode – coming out right before the Kids’ Choice Awards, it’s a two-part episode that we shot that was originally one episode but was so crazy and cool that they decided to make it two. [The episode follows] Henry and Captain Man as they go up to space because NASA needs some help. The aspect of being in space was a completely new thing to me because there’s actually some zero-gravity stuff in there which was really cool to shoot.

Hidden Remote: You mentioned the Kids Choice Awards and this year you’re nominated in two categories. Do you remember your reaction to finding out you were nominated?

Norman: I was really excited, this is my third time getting nominated so hopefully I’ll win this time. The Kids’ Choice Awards are always fun so it’s always a good time especially when you’re nominated.

Hidden Remote: Be honest with me, are you more excited at the prospect of winning a Blimp Award or getting slimed because both seem like items every Nickelodeon fan would have on their bucket list!

Norman: Probably slimed. (laughs)

Hidden Remote: If you’re lucky enough to pick up a win, what will the win mean to you and have you thought about where you might display your Blimp and what would a win mean for you?

Norman: It will mean a lot. It will be a memory that I can always keep with me of my Nickelodeon years that I can always remember and would be really cool to have.

Don’t miss new episodes of Henry Danger airing Saturday at 8/7c on Nickelodeon USA and be sure to tune into the first part of the brand-new Henry Danger special "Space Invaders", premiering Saturday, March 11th at 7:30pm ET/PT, before the 2017 Kids’ Choice Awards, followed by "Space Invaders" Part Two on Saturday, March 18th at 8:00pm ET/PT, only on Nickelodeon USA!

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