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Milkshake! to Premiere 'Thomas & Friends' Season 22 in the UK on Monday 3rd September 2018 [Updated]

Bust my buffers! Channel 5's Milkshake! strand in the UK will start to premiere and show Thomas & Friends season 22, titled "Big World! Big Adventures!", weekdays at 6:55am from Monday 3rd September 2018!

To better portray diversity, Thomas & Friends is getting an update for its 26 x 11-minute 22nd season! Entitled Thomas & Friends: Big World! Big Adventures!, the new season will take Thomas beyond the fictional Island of Sodor for the first time. The major refresh will see the iconic blue engine Thomas traveling farther than ever before, taking kids on a journey of wonder and curiosity as he adventures around the world to discover and learn about new countries and cultures. The show has a more contemporary feel, a brand-new theme tune and a refreshed Steam Team to include three girls and three boy engines, and Thomas, ensuring gender equality across the show, increasing global appeal for preschool viewers. This all-new format series will feature faster-paced action, increased humor, new music, new international friends, animals and exciting fantasy elements.

As part of the 22nd season, Thomas embarked on an ambitious trip around the world, leaving Sodor for the first time in the action-packed, feature-length film, Thomas & Friends: Big World! Big Adventures! The Movie. The film, which also stars Australian entertainer Peter Andre as the voice of Ace, a bright yellow and very cheeky Australian rally car that inspires Thomas to leave his home of Sodor and travel around the world with him, made its debut in cinemas across the UK in July 2018. In addition to voicing a character, Peter also recorded a new song for the movie called “Free and Easy” which is available on Spotify.

Thomas & Friends | Meet Ace of Australia! πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί| Thomas & Friends New Series | Videos for Kids

Meet Ace, a super cool super fast racing car from Australia! πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸŽ️

Below is a list of the currently announced brand-new Thomas & Friends: Big World! Big Adventures! episodes set to premiere on Milkshake!:

Monday 3rd September 2018 - Number One Engine: New series. Thomas is in China, where another blue tank engine named Hong-Mei is the number one engine on the national railway. Hong-Mei challenges Thomas to a race and wins, so Thomas is determined to beat her in a second race. But when he takes a short cut along the steep mountain pass, he hits a rock on the line and derails...

Tuesday 4th September 2018 - Forever and Ever: Gordon is so upset about Sir Topham Hatt's decision to move Edward and Henry out of the sheds that he makes his own changes in protest. Sent back to his shed in disgrace, Gordon insists that he's happy to stay there forever, but his new friend Nia, the steam engine from Kenya, helps him to take a fresh look at the situation.

Wednesday 5th September 2018 - Confusion Without Delay: Rebecca, the big tender engine, surprises Sir Topham by arriving early on the island. After all the other engines tell her how fast and useful they are, Rebecca wants to impress them too. But she tries so hard that she turns up too early for the passengers and leaves early too!

Thursday 6th September 2018 - Trusty Trunky: Thomas is working on the Indian Railway. He's amazed by all the animals on top of trains, cows sleeping on the track and elephants wandering around the countryside! He disapproves when his friend Ashima tells him that elephants used to help shunt the carriages, but when Thomas ends up derailed in a paddy field, it's not an engine that comes to his rescue.

Friday 7th September 2018 - What Rebecca Does: Rebecca is so impressed by Belle putting out a fire with her water cannons, Marion's steam shovel and Harvey's crane that her enthusiasm makes her friends feel very good about themselves. But she can't help wondering if she has any special qualities too?

Monday 10th September 2018 - Thomas Goes to Bollywood: A Bollywood action movie is being filmed on the Indian Railway! Thomas is told that they have a very important role for him, but it is only to transport the lead actor, not to be in the film. However, he finds that it's fun and he can be really useful working behind the scenes - and later he gets a chance to be in the movie after all.

Tuesday 11th September 2018 - Thomas in the Wild: Thomas is taking a film crew to a nature reserve in China to make a film about giant pandas. He is very excited by the prospect of seeing one in the wild, but he's not sure what they look like so he slows down every time he thinks he sees one. He sees a lot of different wild animals, but will they get to the nature reserve before it's too dark to film?

Wednesday 12th September 2018 - Thomas and the Monkey Palace: In India, Thomas is on his way to deliver a truckload of coconuts, when he discovers a branch line leading to a mysterious monkey temple. Ignoring Rajiv's warning to stay clear, he visits it at night and a cheeky monkey gets trapped in the truck. When it tries to attract Thomas's attention, Thomas crashes and spills all the coconuts.

Thursday 13th September 2018 - An Engine of Many Colours: In Sodor, James needs to be repaired after a crash, but hears that there might not be enough red paint. That night he has a succession of dreams about being repainted different colours. Each colour seems fine once he gets used to it and even makes him more splendid. But each time that James starts to show off, he dreams that he has another crash.

Friday 14th September 2018 - Outback Thomas: In Australia, Shane is taking passengers on an outback adventure. He impresses Thomas so much with his showmanship that when some passengers miss Shane's train, Thomas decides to become an outback tour guide himself - with disastrous consequences...

Monday 17th September 2018 - School of Duck: When a storm destroys the classroom at Harwick School, all the children have to be brought by train to Knapford for their lessons. Duck is keen to do the job, but he needs is a coach. After searching all over Sodor, he finds Dexter, rusty old restaurant car in an old overgrown siding...

Tuesday 18th September 2018 - Tiger Trouble: Thomas and Rajiv both take a detour through the Indian jungle in order to see some tigers. But when Thomas spots that Rajiv's passengers have an empty tiger cage with them, he sets out with the help of Rajiv and Shankar to find the tigers and make sure that none of them are captured.

Wednesday 19th September 2018 - Seeing is Believing: Thomas's friend Merlin the stealth engine comes to Sodor from the mainland for the first time. He thinks that when he shuts his eyes nobody else can see him. Percy hears everybody talking about the 'invisible' engine, and wonders why he hasn't seen him. But how can you tell that you've seen an engine that's invisible?

Thursday 20th September 2018 - Apology Impossible: Fed up with the other engines pushing him around, Philip refuses to give way when he and James end up facing each other on a one-track bridge. As James refuses too, it's stalemate. But with engines stacked up behind them and the bridge in danger of collapsing, Philip decides that sometimes the littlest engine can actually be the bigger engine!

Friday 21st September 2018 - The Water Wheel: Hong-Mei tells Thomas that the water wheel he is carrying is made from bamboo and is very important. But in his eagerness to discover other things made from bamboo, Thomas forgets about his mission and ends up taking a shortcut via a low bridge, which knocks the water wheel off his flatbed and sends it rolling off across the Chinese countryside!

Following Friday 21st September's new episode, Milkshake! will start to encore Thomas & Friends: Big World! Big Adventures!, beginning with the season premiere, weekday mornings at 6:55am from Monday 24th September 2018!

Thomas & Friends: Big World! Big Adventures! is also set to premiere on Nickelodeon USA on Friday 7th September 2018.

Consumer products that support Thomas & Friends™: Big World! Big Adventures! The Movie include new Fisher-Price toys that will help kids bring to life Thomas’ newest adventure including the exciting Thomas & Friends™ Turbo Jungle Set (FJK50) and Nia engines in the TrackMaster, Wood and Adventures segments. The Turbo Jungle Set features a motorized Thomas train that can travel up to 2.5 times faster than normal TrackMaster engines so kids can recreate scenes from the movie. Peter Andre’s character ‘Ace’ is also available as a toy in both the Adventures and TrackMaster ranges.

Thomas the Tank Engine™ was created over 70 years ago and that story quickly grew through content to become the award-winning global brand franchise it is today, with multiple touch-points and formats, including apps; toy consumer products; publishing; live attractions and much more with over 1 engine sold per second. Watched in over 160 territories, in over 50 languages with over 1.16 billion lifetime views on YouTube, Thomas & Friends offers more than 80 hours of original content produced from 500 episodes and 12 specials. A 23rd season of the beloved children's series was recently greenlit.

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* Source: BARB, All Homes, Channel 5 & Kids EPG, Kids 4-9, October 2015 – November 2015.

Originally published: Friday, August 24, 2018 at 7:02pm BST

Original source: Radio Times TV listings guide; Additional sources: Wikipedia, Digiguide.
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