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NickTube: Planet Nickelodeon Video Round-Up | Friday 7th September 2018

Check out a selection of video clips featuring your favourite Nickelodeon shows and stars from Nickelodeon channels around the world!

Please note that some videos may be subject to geographical restrictions.

Star Falls | When Life Gives You Lemons | Nickelodeon UK

Diamond sets up her own lemonade stand, but it's not exactly traditional.

Harvey Beaks | Noite de Dormir Fora | Portugal | Nickelodeon em Português

Os gémeos convencem Harvey a pregar uma partida a um dos monstros da floresta, terá sido boa ideia?

Horrid Henry - Peter's Nightmare | Cartoons For Children | Horrid Henry Episodes | HFFE

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Rusty Rivets : inventeur en herbe | Robot des bois | NICKELODEON JUNIOR FRANCE

L'un des robots de Rusty s'est perdu en forêt. Rusty et tous ses amis partent à sa recherche...

Bob l'éponge | Mini-Patrick, Maxi-Problèmes | Nickelodeon France

Bob amène Mini-Patrick à son travail. Mais les cuisines sont dangereuses pour l'étoile de mer...

Dora and Friends | Dragon Island | Nick Jr. UK

While exploring an ancient part of their school, Dora, Pablo and Naiya find something they never expected - a dragon! Now they must help their magical friend and its baby return to Dragon Island

Les Tortues Ninja | Pas d'entraînement aujourd'hui | Nickelodeon France

Après une longue nuit d'aventures, les Tortues sont incapables de s'entraîner en surface

Das Geheimnis der Hunters | Der Rettungsplan | Nickelodeon Deutschland

Nachdem Daniel und Anika gekidnappt wurden, schmiedet die Hunter-Familie einen Plan, um sie zu retten. Sal hat da schon eine Idee …

#NickifyYourLife | Trova il tuo outfit con Lizzy Greene | Nickelodeon Italia

Trova l'outfit giusto per il primo giorno di scuola e altre occasioni con i consigli di Lizzy Greene!

The Loud House | Strong Selfie Game | Nickelodeon UK

Lori is horrified when her rival Carol Pingrey is an instant hit on social media.

TMNT: Las Tortugas Ninja | Metalhead | Latinoamérica | Nickelodeon en Español

Doni ha creado un robot para que pelee por ellos.


here we go

Bunsen É Uma Fera | Clones | Brasil | Nickelodeon em Português

Mikey precisa estar em dois lugares ao mesmo tempo, e pede a ajuda de Bunsen para o clonar.

SpongeBob SquarePants - "Bottle Burglars" Title Card (German)

PAW Patrol | Sea Patroller - Australia

Trouble is on the horizon at Adventure Beach! Help Ryder save Baby Octopus by jumping aboard the Paw Patrol Sea Patroller (for use on dry land only). Equipped with flashing lights, sounds and a detachable anchor, this rescue vehicle comes with everything you need to sail the high seas. This boat transforms into a land vehicle and can easily tackle rocky roads. There’s room for all Paw Patrol figures aboard the Sea Patroller (additional figures sold separately). This ship can hold up to 2 vehicles, and comes with Ryder’s Rescue ATV. Load it into the Sea Patroller and use the front-opening ramp to send the Paw Patrol on a roll!

Whether land, sea or air, the Paw Patrol will be there!

🔴 EN DIRECTO: Los Thunderman | ¿Quién es el mejor superhéroe? ⚡️ | Nickelodeon en Español

🔴 NU LIVE: De Thundermans | Heldenidool... 🤔 | Nickelodeon Nederlands

Wie is je grootste idool?

🔴 IN ONDA ORA: School of Rock | Momenti Migliori ⭐️ | Nickelodeon Italia

🔴 EM DIRETO: Thundermans | Modelo de Herói... 🤔 | Nickelodeon em Português

Quem mais admiras?

🔴 JETZT LIVE: Die Thundermans | Heldinnenfigur... 🤔 | Nickelodeon Deutschland

Teletoon - Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Promo (2018) (7 sec)

Teletoon - Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Promo (2018) (10 sec)

Alvinnn!!! Et les Chipmunks | Les X-Munks | NICKELODEON JUNIOR FRANCE

Théodore et Alvin se prennent pour des super-héros et décident de combattre le crime...

Fresh Beat Band of Spies | Fruit Racer Gamer | Nick Jr. UK

When Kiki gets zapped into a video game at the arcade, the rest of the spies go in after her!

Horrid Henry - Grandma's Yo Yo Toy | Cartoons For Children | Horrid Henry Episodes | HFFE

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Game Shakers | La chanson du type chelou | Nickelodeon Teen France

Hudson interprète une chanson qu'il a composée! Une chanson un peu particulière...

Bob Esponja | Spongebob muda de casa | Portugal | Nickelodeon em Português

O Squidward convence o Spongebob que ele e alérgico a sua casa de ananás. Será que o Spongebob consegue encontrar outro lugar onde viver?

Thomas’ Tokyo Trouble | Free and Easy J-Pop Music Video 🎵| Thomas & Friends UK | Videos for Kids

Bust my buffers! Thomas and Nia are working in Japan when they run into Ace just outside Tokyo. Thomas and Ace decide to race in the city but things take a wrong turn for Thomas!

MOST DANGEROUS day in my office | Fan Mail Friday | Butch Hartman

This fan mail was the catalyst for the MOST DANGEROUS day in my office: Silly string, evil boxes, and more! It's utter chaos.
*not actually 100% real

Mes parrains sont magiques | La nouvelle cible de Mr Crocker | Nickelodeon France

Mr Crocker commence a penser que le père de Timmy est un fée essaye de le rattrapper

Jace Norman und Cooper Barnes wagen die BFF-Challenge! ✍️| Nickelodeon Deutschland

Wie gut kennen sich die Beiden wirklich?

Nicky Ricky Dicky and Dawn | La spia Dawn | Nickelodeon Italia

Per Dawn è arrivato il momento di dimostrare la sua stoffa da spia! #nrdd

Hunter Street | Finding Evie | Nickelodeon UK

Evie has gone missing in the Hunter house, but Kate is able to track her down and make her smile with the promise of pancakes.

Los Thunderman | Ladrones de oro | España | Nickelodeon en Español

¡ Max y Phoebe deben liberarse y detener a los ladrones de oro!

Macho Cheese's Bio Blasted by RoBro! | Massive Monster Mayhem

Sorry host-bro, RoBro is handling this bio of the LAMEST monster in the universe!

Welcome Weirdlings to Keep It Weird!

Why be normal when you can be weird? It's time to hang out with your favorite weirdo friends and watch some of the weirdest shows you've ever seen! Keep it weird by subscribing to the channel!

SpongeBob SquarePants - "My Leg!" Title Card (German)

Nick DE aired 231b, CH/AT aired 231a, yadda yadda yadda...

Episode 8 - Wayside! |FULL EPISODE| KEEP IT WEIRD!

When Kidswatter sees Todd deliver his “oral report” in mime, he drafts him for the school’s ballroom dancing team. But Todd can’t dance – he can only “perform” non-verbal oral reports! Will they beat the same school team they defeated in tetherball.

Believing she is a distant relative of Miss Mush, Dana adopts the attire, tradition, and attitude of Miss Mush’s strange Mamaland. Her friends miss the “old Dana,” and end up discovering that Dana misread her family history.

Episode 1 - Wayside! |FULL EPISODE| KEEP IT WEIRD!

It’s Valentine’s Day, and Dana uses a variety of power tools and a puppeteered ponytail to force Todd and Maurecia to fall in love.

While Mrs. Jewls is on a faculty retreat, a cow wanders into her class and the students mistake it for a substitute teacher. They end up learning more from the silent Mrs. Bellamy (the cow) than they’ve ever learned from Mrs. Jewls!

Episode 7 - Wayside! |FULL EPISODE| KEEP IT WEIRD!

Todd tries to prevent Principal Kidswatter from running a home shopping channel out of his office, and getting the students to supply his cheesy inventory of trinkets under the guise of a new “arts” curriculum.

Todd and Kidswatter get stuck in the school’s elevator, which only goes sideways (instead of up and down). Dana, Maurecia and Myron attempt a daring rescue before Kidswatter completely flips out.

Episode 9 - Wayside! |FULL EPISODE| KEEP IT WEIRD!

Kidswatter tricks Todd into being Principal for the Day while he goes on vacation. Todd thinks he can actually do a better job… until he dislodges a folded-up paper supporting the entire school.

At Wayside, the students give the teachers report cards. But when Todd gives Mrs. Jewls a negative comment, he is forced to meet with her Dad in a “Teachers’ Parent Conference”.

Episode 10 - Wayside! | FULL EPISODE | KEEP IT WEIRD!

When Todd snubs her at the costume party, Maurecia falls head over heels for a mystery kid in shining armor. Todd comes to the rescue when he learns the knight is actually Sammy the Dead Rat.

While the kids tell "ghost stories" around a campfire, we learn the incredible story of Mrs. Gorf, who punishingly turned her students into apples, and reveal Maurecia's transformation from girly-girl to tomboy as she saves the day.

Episode 6 - Wayside! |FULL EPISODE| KEEP IT WEIRD!

Myron dresses up as his “twin brother” Normy, in order to avoid getting in trouble. However, all his classmates end up liking Normy a lot more than Myron, and want to elect him class president instead.

In a Wayside field trip, the kids don’t go to the aquarium, the fish come to them! The classroom is filled with water and fish, but Todd must sit out the “trip” in a life raft, since he forgot his permission slip. Maurecia also “forgets” her slip, so she can spend the day in the boat with Todd.

Game Shakers | Banido do Clam Jumpers | Brasil | Nickelodeon em Português

Double G faz uma reclamação sobre o um restaurante e é banido dele para sempre.

The JoJo and BowBow Show Show (Official Trailer by JoJo Siwa)!!! | JoJo Siwa Vlogs

YAYY!! Here's the trailer for my new animated show "The JoJo and BowBow Show Show"!!

Regal Academy | Season 2 Episode 16 - The Sleepover (clip)

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