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Miranda Cosgrove Talks About Returning to 'iCarly' After Nine Years; Reveals She Didn't Think Original Series Would Be a Success

iCarly is back! The revival series premiered on Paramount+ in June and premiered July 30 on Paramount+ services in Latin America, Brazil and the Nordics, the latter of which a couple of months earlier than planned thanks to the revival's success in the U.S.

To celebrate the international launch of the iCarly revival, Miranda Cosgrove recently talked to Norwegian publication VG about the series, including about its original run.

Cosgrove compares returning to the iCarly after nine years as to returning to a childhood home. But when the series was first launched, Cosgrove did not think it would be a success.

VG: How did you prepare to enter the role again, after all these years?

MC: One of the most important things I did was to watch a whole bunch of episodes from the original. I had not seen it in many years. [...] I was only thirteen years old when we recorded them. I remember very little of some of the episodes. When I watched it felt a bit like just being a viewer enjoying the show.

Cosgrove added that the first seasons were especially strange to watch again, however, watching the episodes again became important to remember all the features of iCarly.

Doubted the concept

The original series was about Carly and friends Sam (Jennette McCurdy) and Freddie (Nathan Kress), who together make a web show from the attic of Carly and her brother Spencer (Jerry Trainor).

"I remember when I was told the concept for the first time, I really wondered what a web show really was. I thought, "Are people going to like this?" Cosgrove said. But when the series started, it was a great success. "It was at the same time that young people started making their own YouTube channels. In many ways, I think iCarly led a wave of children who created their own content for their own channels.

A lot has happened on the internet since then.

"We have a lot more to work with now. Everyone creates creative content online in 2021. For example, we made an entire episode about memes, and how they can completely take off and have their own life on the internet. It was very fun," said Cosgrove.

VG: What was it like for you to play Carly at the same time as you became more and more adult yourself?

MC: I was thirteen years old when we started filming, and twenty towards the end. During that period, I had all my "firsts". My first kiss, and so on. Coming back reminds me very much of all those things.

Miranda Cosgrove compares coming back to coming back to a childhood home after nine years.

"Taking back the show felt very overwhelming at first. We were afraid of ruining someone's memories of the original, Cosgrove told VG. "But at the same time: The original will always exist. Anyone can go back and watch it whenever they want.

"Now we have made a kind of continuation of the original, where we can explore the characters as adults and thus play with a little different stories than we could last."

Hoping for more reunions

VG: What can we look forward to in the iCarly universe?

MC: One of the things I like best myself is to bring people back from the original. We got many back in the first season, and I hope we can get back even more in the next.

Cosgrove highlighted characters such as the doorman Lewbert, and T-Bo from the smoothie place Groovy Smoothie.

"I also hope we get to see more of Freddie's mother", Cosgrove adds.

VG: Since the last time we saw iCarly, the fans have also gotten older. What do you hope they get out of iCarly now?

MC: When we started this project, we agreed, Nathan (Freddie), Jerry (Spencer) and I, that the most important thing for us is that the core of the fans - those who really loved iCarly as children - think it's fun with a reunion. I hope it can remind them [of] when they were young, as it has done for us.

Seeing the set again for the first time in nine years was a very strange experience, Cosgrove added. "I was really just looking forward to going back, but when I got there all the memories flowed on and it became very emotional."

Before the filming of a more adult version of iCarly, Cosgrove revealed that the actors were nervous.

Talking about the new series, Cosgrove revealed:

"Carly is now in her mid-twenties, and must learn to stand on her own two feet. [...] In the season she dates, among other things. She is pretty bad at dating, and ends up on many strange dates. [...]".

Cosgrove also revealed that she can recognize herself a lot in Carly. "She is very positive, but she is also a little small. It's not that different from me in reality. Therefore, it was not so difficult to get back into the role."

The all new iCarly is streaming now, exclusively on Paramount+!

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