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New Azula 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' Graphic Novel Announced

A brand new Avatar: The Last Airbender graphic novel focussing on Azula was recently announced at SDCC 2022!

The Azula solo, titled Azula in the Spirit Temple, is slated to be released during summer 2023, and follows the previous solo graphic novel trilogy featuring Katara (Katara and the Pirate’s Silver, set during ATLA Book Two: Earth), Toph (Toph Beifong’s Metalbending Academy, set between previous ATLA comics), and Suki (Suki, Alone, set during her imprisonment at the Boiling Rock in ATLA Book Three: Fire).

As you can see above, the Avatar artwork shows Azula in her element as she wields a ball of blue fire in hand. It seems the girl has entered a temple of sorts, and the fog inside is seen making a pair of eyes above Azula's head. Of course, she hardly noticed the situation while treading into the temple, and her ragged outfit proves Azula was on quite the journey before finding this hidden temple.

This marks the second comic to feature Azula as a lead as Avatar visited the princess during Zuko's search for his mom. Azula returned in a second comic where she masqueraded as the Kemurikage, and the story saw the girl discover her true calling. According to Azula, she is now determined to oversee the Fire Nation as a shadow puppeteer controlling Zuko. As you can imagine, that goal is just about impossible to see through, but that will not stop her from trying. So when this new graphic novel hits shelves, Avatar fans are hoping to learn more about Azula and her journey after the Hundred Year War.

Based on Azula’s outfit in the cover art and in line with the other solos, it looks like this could be set between previous comics, but nothing is confirmed yet.

Additionally, it was also re-confirmed that the Legend of Korra graphic novel trilogy, originally announced in October 2020, will also be released in 2023.

In additional news, a second Avatar Yangchen book has been announced!

In a new interview with CBR, Kyoshi and Yangchen author F. C. Yee teased that Yangchen Book 2 is already planned and in the works. Here’s the full quote (emphasis mine):

CBR: “We also have a drastically different setting, with Shang cities like Bin-Er unlike any place Avatar fans have seen. As an Avatar fan yourself, I imagine there’s a constant conflict between whether to explore a previously established piece of the world or to build your own. What sorts of factors guide you in making those decisions?”

F. C. Yee: “The helpful method [of] world-building is to use parts of the show’s universe as pieces of living history, which is only possible because of the brilliant work done by the original creative team. Book Two of Yangchen’s story will probably take place in Taku, which we get a glimpse of in “The Blue Spirit” as a once-prosperous city now in decline. The show’s world-building has Taku as a place where cargo was distributed. It’s not unreasonable that there would be more cities like that, and the passage of time allows for them to be different than what we’ve seen before.”

The news follows the release of Avatar Yangchen’s first book, The Dawn of Yangchen, in the Chronicles of the Avatar novel series (which also consists of The Rise of Kyoshi and The Shadow of Kyoshi).

If the Yangchen books follow a similar schedule to the Kyoshi books, Book 2 will most likely come out some time next summer, but until then, a new era begins as The Dawn of Yangchen, on shop shelves now!

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