Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Brooklyn Nets Travel Back In "Slime" With Nickelodeon 90's Night

It might be the start of a new year, but the Brooklyn Nets teamed up with Nickelodeon to transport fans back to the era of fanny packs, "Rugrats" and neon clothing by celebrating all things '90s during their game on Friday 15th January 2016 versus the Portland Trailblazers. The Brooklyn Nets and Nickelodeon brought activities based on the network's most beloved iconic '90s shows to Barclays Center, giving attendees a chance to channel their inner Nickelodeon kid and live out their childhood dreams of participating in challenges from "Legends of the Hidden Temple", "GUTS" and "Double Dare", hosted by Jeff Sutphen!

To celebrate their '90s Nickelodeon Night, the Nets asked Brook Lopez a few questions about classic Nickelodeon. He can definitely answer them, right? After all, he's a '90s kid himself. Fortunately for everyone, Lopez wasn't too sure about a question. And you know what that means: SLIME!

Even more fortunate were the fans attending the game, who had a chance to snag some sweet Nickelodeon/Brooklyn Nets merchandise! Some fans were even lucky enough to get slimed!

Checkout photos from the Brooklyn Nets' "Nickelodeon 90's Night" plus a few photos from last weeks 90's Nickelodeon Night hosted by the Atlanta Hawks at Philips Arena on 1/9 below, and watch The Splat every night from 10:00pm ET/PT on TeenNick USA! #TheSplat!:

I'm thinking I should get some rebounds and warm up er something #thesplat #netssplat #nets

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Do you have it?

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