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"Hunter Street" Star MaeMae Renfrow On the Hunter Sibling Dynamics | Interview

Join Hunter Street star MaeMae Renfrow as she discusses Nickelodeon's newest original series, her character Tess Hunter and the dynamic she shares with her various siblings!

Meet Tess Hunter (MaeMae Renfrow), an independent and free spirit with a passion for reading and a fierce loyalty to her siblings Sal (Daan Creyghton), Anika (Krya Smith), Thomas (Thomas Jansen) and Max (Stony Blyden). While her life has had its ups and downs, all is well when we first met Tess in the series premiere of Nickelodeon’s Hunter Street, but her life was turned upside down when her parents Erik (Ronald Top) and Kate Hunter (Tooske Ragas) went missing overnight!

In wake of their disappearance, Tess and her siblings were thrust into an unforgettable journey to track down their missing parents. Now, the Hunter siblings must navigate a world of mystery and adventure as they embark on a journey full of unexpected twists and turns that are sure to leave viewers on the edge of their seats!

With the Hunter sibling’s adventures currently unfolding weeknights on new episodes of Hunter Street, Hidden Remote caught up with Renfrow to discuss her character Tess, the role she plays in the Hunter siblings’ journey to find their parents, Tess’ relationships with her siblings and more!

Hidden Remote: When you first read the script for the series, what was it about the role and your character in particular that attracted you to the project and made you excited to be a part of the series?

MaeMae Renfrow: I absolutely adored Tess from the minute I read her description. There was so much about her I could relate to and I was excited to work on bringing her to life with my own experiences. I also wanted to play a strong character and I really feel like the Hunter family depends on Tess a lot in a tough situation and that’s the kind of role any actor would love to play.

Hidden Remote: What can you tell us about Tess and how her personality shapes who she is when we first meet her?

Renfrow: Tess is the kind of girl that keeps her guard up and is hard to get close to, but once she really trusts you and lets you in, her guard is up for you as well. She’s very loyal and although she might seem like she’s tough, she’s got a soft spot for people she loves.

L-R: Tess (MaeMae Renfrow), Anika (Kyra Smith), and Daniel (Thomas Jansen).

Hidden Remote: We know that Tess is very protective of her siblings, but what can you tells us about her relationships with her various siblings?

Renfrow: Tess is the calm during the storm. The show is full of messes and explosions and when the dust clears, you’ll find Tess right where you left her, reading her book and ignoring the chaos around her. If she described her siblings in one word, they would be:

Sal: Brainy.

Daniel: Goof.

Anika: Ball of energy.

Max: Attitude.

Hidden Remote: Following the disappearance of their parents Eryk and Kate, the siblings are thrust into this crazy adventure. Talk us through the day Erky and Kate go missing and how the Hunter siblings get to the decision to embark on this mission to find them.

Renfrow: Nothing matters more to the Hunter siblings than each other. When the parents go missing, they really have no choice but to solve the mystery on their own. If they tell any adults, the authorities will get involved and, until they are found, the kids will be split up or sent to an orphanage.

Hidden Remote: How will each of these characters’ unique personalities play into their rescue mission and shape their journey?

Renfrow: Every character has their own strengths that will help solve the mystery. Sal’s big brain helps solve tough problems, Max’s creativity gets us out of (and into) a lot of sticky situations, Daniel’s big heart keeps the siblings spirit’s up and focused, Anika keeps the mood light and fun and motivates us to stay positive. Tess is quietly the leader and makes the important decisions that help the kids solve the mystery.

Hidden Remote: Speaking of Tess’ journey throughout the series, what can fans look forward to from your character as the season progresses?

Renfrow: Tess really takes charge and becomes a brave, strong character. You’ll see her making a lot of the decisions and the kids look to her for what to do next.

Hidden Remote: Is there a particular moment that you’re really excited for fans to see? Perhaps a favorite scene or episode?

Renfrow: I don’t want to give too much away, but there was a day where we filmed underground in dark tunnels. That was the coolest day of filming for me and I can’t wait to see how it turned out!

Hidden Remote: Before we go, what would be your best sales pitch to viewers unsure of whether they’ll enjoy the series? Why should they be tuning in this spring?

Renfrow: Hunter Street has something for everyone! It’s a mystery, and a comedy with a ton of adventure and characters you’ll love!

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