Wednesday, August 10, 2022

There’s A Seriously Dark New SpongeBob Theory That Will Ruin All Childhood Memories

There’s a new seriously dark SpongeBob SquarePants theory that will ruin all memories of your childhood

Sorry to do this to you, SpongeBob fans, but there’s a downright bone-chilling new theory about the show that’s doing the internet rounds, and it’s shed a cannibalistic new light on the residents of Bikini Bottom. 

According to a TikToker with the snazzy handle Area 51 Janitor, it’s quite likely that those who call the underwater city home have no qualms eating their own pets.

Area 51 Janitor pointed out that although some fish in SpongeBob SquarePants act as humans and can walk, talk and think for themselves, other fish don’t have those capabilities. They’re subservient to the ‘human fish’ and walk around on leads, much like our beloved pooches do here on planet earth. Watch the explainer below:

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Area 51 Janitor explained in a three-minute video: “What’s the deal with all the pets in Bikini Bottom? How come most fish are basically humans, but a snail or a worm acts like a pet? Well, just like humans have domesticated wild animals, it should not be a surprise that evolved fish have domesticated primitive fish as pets.”

Now, here’s where things start getting dark. Area 51 Janitor then noted that although much of the food eaten by Bikini Bottom residents is plant-based (, they do also chow down on meat. And yes, by meat, I mean ‘primitive’ fish - aka their own pets. 

“I'm sure you know where I’m going with this: the bikini bottom citizens eat primitive fish,” Area 51 Janitor said bluntly. 

They added: “In season 3 episode 13, we see direct proof of this, when the characters go fishing for primitive clams. This is something completely normal in this world. And then there’s the chum bucket, which sells chum. Chum is literally just ground up fish, the show isn’t even hiding this.” Yikes. 

Area 51 Janitor also quipped: “We don’t really see too much of the meat harvesting side of Bikini Bottom, and I’m not surprised they’re keeping it on the down low, you know, with the whole cannibalism thing.”

Oh, and don’t even get Area 51 Janitor started on the show’s infamous Krabby Patty secret formula, which, according to them, is a concoction gruesome enough to give Hannibal Lecter a run for his money. 

"Throughout the show, there’s been lots of contradictory evidence about the Krabby Patty secret formula,” says Area 51 Janitor.

“In season 4 episode 7, Mr Crab says it’s an old family recipe, but in season five episode one, apparently Mr Crab discovered it on his own by accidentally mixing random ingredients together.”

They concluded: “Sometimes it’s a secret formula, sometimes it’s a book, sometimes it’s a secret sauce, and any glimpse we get of the formula is just random.”

However, this has been debunked, as it's been confirmed that the Krabby Patty contains no animal protein.
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