Thursday, February 09, 2012

Nickelodeon UK Announces That Nickelodeon Star Victoria Justice To Visit Asda Living In Thurrock On 20th February 2012

Nickelodeon UK and Ireland have announced on their official Twitter profile page (@NickelodeonUK) that Nickelodeon Star Victoria Justice, who plays the character Tori Vega on the hit Nickelodeon show "Victorious", will be visiting Asda's "Asda Thurrock Living" shop on Monday 20th February 2012 as part of Victoria Justice's latest visit and tour of the UK:
#VICTORIOUS fans! The wonderful @victoriajustice will be appearing at Asda Living at Thurrock, Mon 20th Feb from 3.30pm
Asda's "Asda Thurrock Living" shop address is "Unit 3 - Lakeside Retail Park, Thurrock, RM20 3LP". It sounds like the above "Meet And Greet Victorious" event is open to everyone.

Also posted by Nickelodeon UK and Ireland on their official Twitter profile feed @NickelodeonUK:
what are the times for the Milton Keynes one?
@NickelodeonUK - Victoria isnt currently scheduled to visit Milton Keynes!
@NickelodeonUK - VIctorias busy filming til after halfterm [half term], but the event is taking place after school:)
Thats really early after school....
@NickelodeonUK - The event just starts at.330 but on til 7pm
Victorias a busy girl+her schedule occasionally changes,she will def b appearing @ Thurrock. Shes v excited to see her UK fans!
will we get more info about the signing in thurrock??
@NickelodeonUK - All the info is on Asda Living site here!
I kno ur all desperate for info but so far only confirmed apperance is Thurrock.If she squeezes more in u'll b 1st to know!
If you arrived at the meet and greet at 5:00pm, would you still be allowed entrance?
@NickelodeonUK - Probably, the event is on til 7:)
I was wondering... did you receive any new info?
@NickelodeonUK - As soon as anything else Victoria J is confirmed itll be posted here!
are you sure Victoria is mot coming to Milton Keyned

@NickelodeonUK - Victorias schedule changes as shes busy girl! Shes now going to Thurrock
Victoria's [Victoria Justice's] coming here in her birthday [Sunday February 19, 2012], isn't that amazing?:')
@NickelodeonUK - Its true! We're honoured! What better place to spend it!?
You know Victoria's signing at asda? can we arrive at any time (even 5-6pm) and do we need clothing to be signed? [...] - 3.29pm Thursday 16th February 2012
@NickelodeonUK: [...] You can arrive between 3.30pm-7pm! Earlier is better tho to enjoy everything going on. There will be DVDs, CDs, posters [Victorious DVDs, Victorious CDs, Victorious posters] too! - 3.44pm Thursday 16th February 2012
I just need to make sure, is the Thurrock meet and greet still happening?
@NickelodeonUK: Of course! Its going to be amazing!
Also, posted by Nickelodeon UK Presenter Anna Williamson in her latest update to her news column on Digital Spy called "Anna Williamson's Showbiz Peek at the Week":
[...] Ooh, and speaking of fashion, US and Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice is over in the UK next week launching her new clothing range. I'm going to be hanging out with her and covering the launch, so keep your eyes peeled for that and the gossip that I'm sure will ensue.
Also, posted by a Victoria Justice and Nickelodeon UK on their official Twitter pages:
@victoriajustice: On my way 2 the Asda Living Fashion Show in Thurrock!! Can't wait 2 meet u guys :{). Be there soon! - 2.46pm Monday 20th February 2012
@NickelodeonUK: She's coming - 2.56pm Monday 20th February 2012
Also, posted by a Victoria Justice, a Victoria Justice/"Victorious" fan, and Nickelodeon UK on their official Twitter pages:
@victoriajustice: My Twitter & Facebook friends that will be there 2day,we shld have some kind of secret symbol so I can identify u guys! - 2.56pm Monday 20th February 2012
A mustache drawn on their index finger.
@victoriajustice: Great idea! Every1 that will be there from Twitter & FB do this - 3.04pm Monday 20th February 2012
@NickelodeonUK: Love this idea! - 3.27pm Monday 20th February 2012
Also, Tweeted (posted) by Nickelodeon UK presenter Anna Williamson and Nickelodeon UK on their official Twitter profile pages:
@annawilliamstv: Busy one preparing to host @VictoriaJustice fashion launch-so many peeps!! Eek. *must not fall down catwalk*
@NickelodeonUK: Good luck

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