Thursday, February 23, 2012

NickToons USA Ready To Premiere New Animated Show 'Monsuno' On 23rd February 2012; Scheduled To Debut Internationally During Summer 2012

From Animation Insider:
Nicktoons Ready to Launch 'Monsuno' Animation

Premiering on the Nicktoons network this week, Monsuno is the newest addition to a rather extended lineage of monster-training adventure cartoons. The new TV animation follows a group of kid heroes whose destiny to save the world is equally intertwined with the lives of fantastical creatures of enormous size and power. Monsuno is a co-production of Dentsu Entertainment (U.S.), Dentsu Tec (Japan), FremantleMedia Enterprises (UK), and JAKKS Pacific (U.S.), who recently unveiled a number of competitive role-play items at the 2012 American International Toy Fair.

According to the Nickelodeon family of networks, Nicktoons spent 2011 cultivating regular growth for its Boys 6-11 (+02%) and Boys 9-14 (+08%) demographics.

Now, right up their alley, comes the 2D animation Monsuno, an action-adventure title that involves oversized monsters, arcane mystery, and a homegrown mythology.

The series marks its debut on Nicktoons this week (February 23, 2012), in advance of its regular broadcast position on Thursdays at 8:30pm (ET).

In Monsuno, the story begins centuries in the past when the dinosaurs are wiped out by a cluster of asteroids careening through space. The asteroids, it turns out, were the temporary home to alien DNA strands of unknowable origin. As the years past, the foreign DNA lay dormant on Earth. It wasn't until a curious scientist, surname Suno, began looking into the capabilities of the alien genetic material that something remarkable happened. The story of Monsuno continues as Suno's research unwittingly awakens (and unleashes) the Monsuno DNA across the planet. The scientist's actions have unveiled creatures of tremendous power, and whereas some individuals wish the best for these amusing beasts, there are other organizations with more sinister plans afoot.

Fast-forwarding to the present time, Chase Suno, the doctor's charismatic son, has pledged to right some wrongs and uncover any remaining secrets surrounding the Monsuno.

Chase assembles a team to help use the Monsuno monsters to save the world from ne'er-do-wells, and if he's lucky, locate his missing father as well. At the boy's side are Jinja, a girl with a good education and penchant for rough adventure; Bren, Chase's brainy childhood friend; Beyal, a forward-looking monk; and Dax, "the bad boy of the group," who is most comfortable rebelling against authority.

The Monsuno, of Monsuno, are enormous hybrid creatures with assorted powers that are likely helpful in a number of actioner scenarios.

For example, Chase's Monsuno, Lock, is a cross between a bear, gorilla, and tiger, and is fiercely protective. Charger, Jinja's ally, is a mythical cross between a buffalo, armadillo, and a moose, with a heroic and confident disposition. Should Monsuno prove immensely successful, one can rest assured JAKKS Pacific will be quick to unveil newer and fresher creature toy designs as the months pass. Nicktoons is currently preparing to broadcast all fifty-episodes of Monsuno, no doubt with the aid of growth in the Kids 6-11 (+03%) range. An international rollout is scheduled for summer 2012.

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